Fashionable cardigans by Berrylook

Hello my lovelies and welcome to my new post! I hope you are all having a wonderful week and that your summer is going great! I am ready to share with you some new fashion news and fashion trends, as I know that you all love some fresh items from the online stores that I pick out just for you. I hope you will enjoy the post and find it useful as well!

The online store that I recently discovered and that I will tell you more about today is called Berrylook and it's one of my new favorite online stores for shopping the latest trends at affordable prices. I was looking for some cheap cardigans lately and I found such a wide choice of cardigans in this store. Beside cardigans, in this store you can find pretty much everything a fashionista needs to keep up with the latest trends while staying on budget. There is also free shipping on orders over 69$ and even better, 5% off on your first order! Isn't that really great?

I picked out some of my favorite cardigans for you my lovelies to check out. I love the long lace cardigans in such strong statement red color, as much as I like the other colorful asymmetrical hem cardigan that is perfect for these summer days when you don't need heavy clothes, just something to put over a dress. If you are looking for women's dresses online, this might be the store you are looking for as well, soon as they offer a variety of dresses for every occasion. 

What do you think about this store dolls? What are your favorite dresses and cardigans for this season? Feel free to let me know and share your thoughts on the topic!

Until my next post,

Happy Moments

Hello my lovelies and welcome to my brand new outfit post! I'm taking it easy today soon as weekend went a little tougher than expected. That is why today I am wearing a pile of gentle colors, starting with this white Novashe dress and gorgeous Ego blushed pink sneakers. A watch is always there with me and this time I am trying out tassel earrings as well. I hope you'll enjoy the post!

I am wearing:

Dress: Novashe 
Watch: Mockberg
Earrings: Zaful 
Bracelet: Accessorize
Hat: Oviesse
Sneakers: Ego 

What do you think babes?

Lots of love

Eucerin - više od UV zaštite (EVENT)

Dobrodošli dragi moji u novi post! Nedavno je Venoma Fashion Freak tim imao priliku da prisustvuje divnom, a i više nego korisnom, druženju koje je organizovao Eucerin. Proveli smo sunčano popodne u bašti restorana Epigenia, gde smo čuli mnogo korisnih informacija od Dr Kristine Davidović (stučnjaka u polju estetke dermatologije) o efikasnoj zaštiti kože od sunca, a upoznali smo se i sa novom linijom Eucerin proizvoda za zaštitu od sunca. 

Posebno zanimljiva bila mi je UV kamera preko koje sam mogla da vidim kako koža izgleda nezaštićena od sunca, kao i kakvu razliku u zaštiti pružaju novi Eucerinovi proizvodi. 

Tu je naravno i nekoliko fotografija kako bih vam bolje dočarala ovaj event.

Proizvodi koje sam imala prilike da isprobam tokom letovanja su Eucerin Sensitive Protect providni uljani sprej za zaštitu od sunca SPF 50, Eucerin Photoaging Control fluid za lice za zaštitu od sunca SPF 50, kao i Eucerin Sensitive Protect sprej za zaštitu od sunca SPF 50+ za najmlađe. Cela linija Eucerinovih proizvoda za zaštitu od sunca sadrži niz različitih proizvoda posebno prilagođenih uzrastu, tipu kože, kao i posebne proizvode za telo i lice. Svi proizvodi bazirani su na najnovijim saznanjima o sunčevom zračenju i njegovom uticaju na našu kožu. 

Posebno sam uživala koristeći Eucerin Sensitive Protect providni uljani sprej za zaštitu od sunca SPF 50 na plaži pošto je u pitanju formula koja se odmah upija, daje koži lep sjaj, laka je za nanošenje i efikasno me je zaštitila od sunca. Takođe sam koristila i Eucerin Photoaging Control fluid za lice za zaštitu od sunca SPF 50 koji ujedno i ublažava znake starenja i sprečava starenje uzrokovano sunčanjem. Takođe, ovaj proizvod sam koristila umesto prajmera i lepo se pokazao, pa planiram tako da ga koristim do kraja leta.

Nadam se da ste uživali u postu i da vam je bio od koristi!

Do sledećeg posta,
vaša Venoma

5 Tips For Choosing A Pear-Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

A pear-shaped diamond is a mixture of the marquise and round brilliant cuts. It consists of one pointed and one curved end and is among the oldest diamond cuts around. Often, the pear shape is used as a side stone on the engagement ring, to flank to centre stone. But, when used as the centre stone, this diamond cut offers a striking and classical feel.

Whether you’re looking for Argyle pink diamonds from The Diamond Jewellery Studio, or you would like to find a pear-shaped diamond engagement ring, here are our top tips.

1.     It’s all about symmetry

Symmetry is important in pear shaped diamonds. A slightly wonky pear cut will show, even a tiny difference is noticeable.
Each section of the diamond should be mirror image. The point of the diamond should also be aligned with the tip of its curved end. Aside from that, there shouldn’t be straight edges at all.
What’s more, the rounded point of the diamond should never be too wide because it can make the stone look triangular in shape.
Try to find Very Good or Excellent symmetry with this cut.

2.     Length to Width Ratio

Around 1.50 to 1.75 would be the ideal ratio. Anything less will make the stone look somewhat square whereas anything over will make it look too long and narrow. A more classic pear shape tends to make a beautiful centre stone for the engagement ring.

3.     Look for a bow-tie

The bow-tie is the darker area, that looks just like the shape of a bow-tie. It lies right across the middle of the stone. It happens when the light reflecting from the diamond’s surface is not enough and is created by misaligned facets. So, what happens is that light travels through and then out of the stone rather than reflecting back at you.
Many pear shapes have a bow-tie which can range from almost unnoticeable to severe. If the stone has been expertly cut, the facets will align perfectly, and you won’t notice the bow-tie. But, if it catches your eye the minute that you look at the diamond, rather choose another one.

4.     Choose a protective setting

A pear-shaped diamond necessitates a protective setting so that the pointed end doesn’t get caught or chipped. Ideally, choose a six-prong setting, which has five prongs to hold the diamond in place and a sixth to protect the point of the stone.
A five-prong setting will also work well with smaller pear-shaped stones. Halo and bezel settings provide enough protection, too. Just make sure that the diamond does have a large bottom prong or V-shaped prong to protect its point.

5.     Choose the colour grade

Finally, pick the colour grade for your diamond. A pear-shape usually shows even the slightest bit of colour, so if you’d prefer there not to be a tint, pick something close to the colourless range, close to the D-G GIA scale grades. The colourless grades also offer more fire and sparkle. But, they do come at a hefty price.
Use these 5 tips to find the perfect pear-shaped diamond engagement ring.

Summer Dress

Hello my darlings! Welcome to another outfit post! This time I am going for a statement summer dress that I feel in love with lately. It's perfect for evening walks by the sea, don't you think? I hope you'll enjoy the post!

I am wearing:

Dress: SheIn
Sunglasses: Emblem Eyewear 
Shoes: Amiclubwear
Hat: Lightinthebox
Watch: Daniel Wellington

Share your thoughts dolls!

Lots of love