Popjulia Shoes Unboxing

Hello my lovelies and welcome to my new post! Today I have something special for you - brand new unboxing of footwear I recently ordered from online store called Popjulia! I got a pair of booties and a pair of sandals for us to check out together today!

First pair is this gorgeous pair of snake booties. In case you are looking for a show stopper, this is the pair of shoes for you! It is super trendy right now and I am sure this trend will keep on going for a long time. You can find this sexy pair hereProduct ID:  492820

Second pair I will be showing you today is a pair of black sandals that I feel in love with. This is a pair of shoes that I've been wearing for days now and I plan on wearing all summer long. It's a modern design, easy to wear and take off and I believe they will be long-lasting as well. You can find them hereProduct ID:  842878

Order process on Popjulia is pretty simple with many available ways of payment. Shipping is also pretty fast and worldwide. 

Let me know what are your favorites from this online store my lovelies!

Lots of love,

Dresslily Swimwear 2019 Review + Try On

Hello my lovelies and welcome to my new post! Today I have something special for you - I recently ordered bunch of trendy swimsuits from Dresslily and I'm here to share my thoughts about them with you! The swimsuits I ordered are the ones from the photo above. I will be trying them out for you today so you can see how do they look in real life!

Also the whole try on is done with me being as natural as I can be - no makeup because I don't wear makeup to the beach. Messy hair because it's always messy after a day in the sun and sand. I hope you will enjoy this haul and pics as they are :)

This is the first swimwear of the day, two piece with red half sleeves top with padding and deep bottom part with polka dots. I love the 70s vibe of this bikini.

It's unicorn time! I think this one-piece swimsuit is so adorable. Black is the most grateful color for the beach in my opinion.

If you want to set the beach on fire, this one-piece swimsuit is for you! Cool stripes and small cherries all over them add to the cuteness while Brazilian bottom part and deep decolletage add to the sexy vibe. 

Last but not least, I think this two-piece bikini is the most casual of all. Unfortunately I missed the mark on the size and took a bit too big. All previous swimsuits were L and this one is XL. L fits me in Dresslily sizes, I wear M European size. This is a great swimsuit if you are looking for something flirty and different.

Quality of all swimsuits is honestly pretty great. Most of them are with padding and they are super affordable to begin with. I paid from 6.99$ to 18.99$ for these per piece.

What's your favorite my lovelies? Let me know!

Lots of love,

Recenzija: Farmasi Tečni Mat Ruževi 2019

Zdravo drage moje i dobrodošle u novi beauty post! Danas ćemo ćaskati o novoj liniji Farmasi tečnih ruževa sa kojima sam imala prilike da se upoznam u proteklom periodu. Kao što možda znate, Farmasi odavno ima tečne ruževe o kojima sam već pisala jednom prilikom. Međutim, danas ćemo razgledati novu liniju Farmasi tečnih ruževa sa poboljšanom formulom i šest novih nijansi!

Šest novih nijansi Farmasi tečnih mat ruževa kreirane su posebno u Adriatic-u, inspirisane lepotom i različitostima žena sa naših prostora. U providnim bočicama sa crnim poklopcima nalazi se 4 ml proizvoda. Sama tekstura proizvoda je nežna, aplikatorom se lako nanosi, insantno se suši na usnama i postaje mat. Takođe, ruževi imaju divan blago sladak miris. 

U odnosu na prethodnu liniju Farmasi tečnih mat ruževa, ovi ruževi su nešto lakši na usnama. Izuzetno je bitno da skinete višak ruža maramicom pri nanošenju, ukoliko ga ima. Jedan sloj vam je sasvim dovoljan za postizanje pune pigmentacije. Dugotrajnost ovog ruža je jedna od njegovih najvećih prednosti. Ovaj ruž ima potencijal da traje ceo dan ili noć, kroz jelo i piće, bez da se pomeri sa usana.

Što se samih novih nijansi tiče, imamo raznovrsnost nude boja na raspolaganju, koje na prvi pogled deluju slično, ali su na usnama izuzetno različite. Brojevi idu od 201 do 206. Pokušaću da vam slikovno prikažem ove nijanse.

Farmasi tečni mat ruž nijansa 201 Skin najviše nude nijansa u liniji

Farmasi tečni mat ruž nijansa 202 Candy, najviše roze nijansa u liniji

Farmasi tečni mat ruž nijansa 203 Au Naturel takođe rozikasta ali malo zagasitija od prethodne

Farmasi tečni mat ruž nijansa 204 Goddess nešto između narandžaste i roze

Farmasi tečni mat ruž nijansa 205 Brave roze sa naznakama ljubičaste

Farmasi tečni mat ruž nijansa 206 Confident najviše ljubičasta nijansa u liniji

Maloprodajna cena Farmasi tečnih mat ruževa u aktuelnom katalogu iznosi 399 RSD što je definitivno u povoljnijem rangu za ovakav proizvod.

Da li ste ih probale drage moje? Kako vam se dopadaju? Pišite mi vaša iskustva!

Do sledećeg posta,
vaša Venoma

All Black Everything

How many all black outfits have I done on this blog? I will literally owe you a candy if you guess correctly! Now feel free to enjoy another summer all black combination :D

I am wearing:
Watch: Daniel Wellington
Skirt: SheIn use code 7Milica15 ( extra 15% off for any order )
Shirt: Dresslily
Sunnies: Dresslily
Bag: Zaful
Shoes: Bata

What do you think babes?

Lots of love,

Popular skateboards by StrailBoard

It's a warm summer day, ideal for outdoor activities. Recently I realized that I have not written recently a lot about lifestyle, so I'll take this opportunity to make up for it. Today's topic will be about one of my favorite outdoors activities - skateboarding. In case you are into such outdoors activities such as skateboarding, this post will be ideal for you. We will be checking out one new store that I recently discovered where you can check out some really great skateboards!

The store we will be checking out together today is called StrailBoard and you can find it here: https://strailboard.com/ . Here's a fun fact about StrailBoards: that is a first electric skateboard with Strail Technology. This company is dealing with designing, manufacturing, promoting and service of electric and motorised skateboard. StrailBoard is a major brand in the company which creates high quality electric skateboards for over five years. Their passion and company's mission is to provide the highest quality available electric skateboards while keeping the price as lowest as possible. StrailBoard pays close attention to their selection of parts and accessories to accommodate everyone's needs. They provide StrailBroad directly from factory to ensure the most competitive price on global market.

So here's a few words for beginners about what electric skateboard is. It's a personal intelligent transporter that is based on a skateboard. Their eboard comes with power battery and the speed of the board is controlled by a remote controller. What is specific about this store is their StrailBoard technology that focuses on intelligent transportation products such as electric skateboards, unicycles and much more. With more than five years of experience, they are there to offer you smart products developed to fulfill your needs. All their products come with one year warranty and their after-sale service is very effective. With many payments method that you can use there is also 180 refund days.
Also you can take advantage of worldwide shipping and get your package at your doorstep in three to five days if you use express shipping.

So why choose a strailboard kit? They have regenerative brakes because the strailboard recharges the battery when you brake. There is a replecable motor, lates dual 250 watt hub motor in them with replacebale PU wheels. There is a waterproof ESC with smoother acceleration and braking performance. Also you can buy all DIY electric skateboard kit with accessories you like. Their motto is ''enjoy, fun and anywhere'' and that is the concept they have been delivering to their customers worldwide. They aim to provide best quality and service for e-skateboard riders, whether it's a beginner or a skillful rider.

When it comes to their range of products, you can find many interesting e-skateboards over there. Feel free to check out different designs, I'm pretty sure you will find something for yourself.

What do you think about skateboarding and electric skateboards my lovelies? Do you engage in outdoor activities often? Feel free to let me know!

Until my next post,