Dusk bridesmaid dresses

Hello my lovelies and welcome to my new fashion post! It is finally time for us to check out some new online store that focus on dresses for special occasions and browse some wonderful dresses together! That is what we will do today because Bm dresses have certainly caught my eye recently and I am happy to share all my trendy fashion finds with you!

When it comes to online shopping, I am a huge fan of it. I would buy pretty much everything online, including my dresses for special occasions. That is why Bmbridal is a great store. It is really easy to find a dress you want using their categories, soon as you can pick from best sellers, on sale items, under 100$ dresses, short dresses or long dresses, while you can also search for a dress in a desired color. Isn't that awesome? They also have some great promotions from time to time such as 50% off or buy 2 get one for free, which is such a bargain!

There are some very awesome dusk bridesmaid dresses that I picked out personally for you guys to check out in today's post. These are only some examples of bridesmaid dresses you can find in this online store. You can get these dresses or any other dresses in their offer in different colors and sizes, which means there is most certainly something for everyone's fashion taste.

What do you think of this color when it comes to bridesmaid dresses my darlings? I believe this colors makes accessories and flowers stand out so much more. What would be your choice when it comes to bridesmaid dresses my lovelies? Also what are your thoughts on online shopping for bridesmaid dresses? Let me know what is your experience!

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Decorating Ideas: Desert Modern Interiors

Have you always been awed by the serenity and wild beauty of desert landscapes? Draw this inspiration into your home with advice from a Palm Springs interior design consultant about creating the perfect desert modern interior for your home. Start with these X strategies when planning your updated aesthetic, which incorporates clean, modern lines and global influences.

Try a Southwestern Rug

Look for a textured throw rug with a woven, geometric design to add some desert flair to any room. As a bonus, you can pull the hues from the rug to create a palette for the space, so look for textiles that truly speak to you. Also, rugs aren't just for the floor. Try throwing one over a chair or hanging it on the wall.

Incorporate Leather and Suede

Opt for cowhide in unexpected shades like buttery yellow and warm ochre. This sumptuous material, whether you opt for faux leather and suede or the real deal, adds layers of interest and a soft, cozy feel in throws, pillows and other accents. You can also push the envelope and go luxe with leather chairs or a sofa. Cognac shades work better with this style than deep browns and blacks do.

Don't Limit Your Palette

If you prefer cool colors like blues and greens in your home decor, you can still incorporate elements of desert modern. Even a sleek white room can get an on-trend update with accent pieces, without changing your existing color scheme. You don't necessarily need to stick to the classic bold reds and golds of the American Southwest, Earthy neutrals.

Bring in a Mix of Wood

Natural wood is a staple of the desert modern look. Southwestern architecture incorporates an array of tough, durable wood species, including maple, oak, pine, hickory and cherry. Choose a few of your favorites and mix and match to your heart's content for warm, inviting appeal.

Play With Organic Shapes

Curvy lines accentuate the relaxed, bohemian appeal of this look. Opt for round tables, overstuffed floor poufs and ottomans and furniture with soft, subtle edges. Add contrast by going sleek and modern with metal light features that boast clean, stark lines.

Add Greenery

While you don't have to banish ferns, vines and other non-desert house plants, add a few cacti to your plant collection. These succulents are on-trend, offer easy care and effortlessly bring the desert vibe into any room in your home.

Choose Abstract Art

Geometric paintings in bright, bold colors add vibrancy to a neutral Southwestern color scheme. You can also play up the desert theme with landscapes and photography that showcases the region's unique plant life and scenery. A white backdrop provides the ultimate canvas when you want to play with colors, patterns and texture.

Throw in Terracotta

This gorgeous reddish-brown pottery is a desert staple. Use it to pot all those new succulents or add terracotta vases to open shelving in your kitchen. The natural stone provides an elegant contrast to the other natural materials in this type of decor motif.
If you need help with interior design Los Angeles, consult a professional to plan a complete desert modern overhaul for your home. Get ready to bask in the calm, creative, eclectic feel of your new space.

Two Piece Set

Summer is still going strong, but with way more comfortable temperatures these days. I am really happy this September. Two piece set you see is a new go-to item in my closet, while straw bag and a comfortable pair of slippers are a must for a while. Enjoy the post!

I am wearing:
Two piece set: Femmeluxefinery (here)
Straw bag:  Popjulia (hereProduct ID:  2088240 use 38%off Code : PJSNS38 
Slippers: JustFashionNow (hereProduct ID:   818951
Overtop: Zaful
Jewelry: Accessorize

What do you think babes? Let me know!

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Burgundy bridesmaid dresses 2019

Hello my lovelies and welcome to my new post! I am happy to share with you today a fresh topic that I believe all you dress lovers will like a lot! As you know, I follow up with the latest trends in the dress industry. Sometimes we talk about wedding dresses, sometimes we talk about casual wear and sometimes we talk about special event dresses such as bridesmaids and prom dresses. This post will be one of those - we will be checking out together some gorgeous dresses together!

As you might know, when I am on a dress hunt, I love to focus on a particular online store that offers a variety of related products, good quality and materials, while keeping their prices affordable. One of those stores is called Bmbridal and they offer pretty much anything a future bridesmaid might need. What I love about this store is how easy it is to navigate it. This store offers you the opportunity to get everything a bridesmaid might need at one place. Just go through their carefully selected sections of products and I am sure you will find everything you need. 

When it comes to current trends in dress industry, burgundy bridesmaid dress is getting more and more popular. Burgundy is one of those universally flattering colors and it fits open concept day weddings and well as evening weddings. As you can see, I picked out some of their burgundy dresses for you guys to check out in this post. There are some really lovely dress designs in their store.

What do you think of burgundy as a color of choice when it comes to bridesmaid dresses my lovelies? Would you ever shop online for a bridesmaid dress, or maybe a wedding dress? Feel free to discuss this topic!

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Hi babes! I hope you are having a good summer day! August is over and September is here, but outside in my town it's still pretty hot. I felt like channeling my inner Kim K a few days ago and I'm sharing the pics of that outfit with you guys today. I hope you'll enjoy the post!

I am wearing:
Dress: Femmeluxefinery
Bag: Zara
Sneakers: Skechers

What do you think dolls? Let me know!

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