Touch of yellow

Hello my fashion babes! How do you do? Autumn is good to me in my town. I can still wear a light jacket and not freeze. I am not looking forward to the winter to be honest. I prepared for you today a completely casual ootd. I hope you'll enjoy!

I am wearing:
Jacket: SheIn search ID 642364 use code 59Milica15 ( extra 15% off over 59usd ) 
Bag: Amiclubwear
Blouse: Dresslily
Boots: Amiclubwear
Jeans: Legend

What do you think babes? Let me know!

Lots of love,

Hip Hop Jewelry by

Hello my lovelies and welcome to my new post! I have something special prepared for you today. It's been a while since we've talked about some fresh jewelry on the market. Now it's the right time to make up for that mistake. I found you a great online store where you can really get your bling up in every way possible with some real hip hop jewelry. I hope you will enjoy this post!

The online store I will be telling you about today is called Helloice and it can make all your hip hop jewelry dreams come true. They offer everything including hip hop pedants, chains, bracelets, earrings, rings and so much more. What I really love about this online store is how well organised it is. You can search each and every category by so many options to make sure you find exactly what you are looking for. 

Also a cool option you can take advantage of in this store is their ''design your own'' section, where you can get custom made pieces of jewelry. Some of the rings, bracelets, keyrings and more can be engraved with the words of your choice, making them a perfect gift for your loved ones. There is a huge range of different chains as well.

There is also free shipping over 40$ and 30 day return period. One year warranty on their products is always there for anything you pick out. Make sure to check out their Halloween sale and grab the chance to get 20% off extra on orders over 119$! You can shop for everything from necklaces and hip hop chains to pedants. Doesn't that sound great my lovelies?

What do you think of this online store babes? Do you shop for your jewelry online? How do you pick where will you shop? Feel free to let me know!

Lots of love,

Japan Candy Box Unboxing + GIVEAWAY

Hello my darlings and welcome to my new unboxing post! I am so happy I prepared one of my favorite collaboration posts for you today - Japan Candy Box Unboxing + International Giveaway for all of you worldwide! Isn't that awesome? As you can see, today we will be going through an amazing Halloween Japan Candy Box edition.

As you might or might not now, Japan Candy Box is one of my favorite subscription boxes. It's so different from anything else! It goes for as low as 19.90$ a month and it brings you 10 exclusive Japanese snacks every month straight to your doorstep with free shipping worldwide! It gets cheaper if you take on a 6 months plan or a yearly plan as well.

Every month inside Japan Candy Box you can find both sweet and salty candies, as well as seasonal and handpicked exclusive Japanese candies. So let's see what I found in latest Japan Candy Box Halloween edition!

Let's start with something spicy! Tohato Bokun Habanero Chips was a super fun treat to try out. There are crispy little potato rings inside that are super spicy thanks to habanero pepper. I enjoy spicy treats like this very very much! On the right you get to see a true Halloween candy - Monstro Frankenstein Gum with refreshing soda and cola flavour. The fun part is - they color your tongue as well!

Now let's move on to some sweets! Koala’s March Halloween Biscuits have a different Halloween design each! I really enjoy these biscuits filled with cream on any day. On the left you can see Pokemon Halloween Party Chocolate Snack and mine has Umbreon (an evolved Eevee) on it. I am a huge pokemon fan so this is really more than a candy for me, it's a whole experience!

Here's one candy I tried out before but I keep returning to: Toppo Halloween Edition Biscuit Sticks. It's a trick or treat experience with this limited edition Halloween candy! I enjoy these sticks filled with chocolate cream so much! There are two packages of sticks inside, so you can share it with another person as well!

And here are some more Halloween candies for you guys to check out! Honestly, sweet corn candies were always weird to me. When we see something like that around here that looks like flips, we assume it's savory. That's why Tohato Caramel Corn Halloween Mini Pack is so much fun! Beside it you can see Shimi Halloween Choco Corn Stars, also corn candy but this time with chocolate. Super fun!

Happy Halloween Umaibo Snack Stick was also there to make my day better together with Black Thunder Halloween Chocolate Bar with intensity of the firestorm! I also got Terrible Ghost Story Gum but I couldn't really read the story in Japanesse, but the gum was just fine xD All in all, this Halloween Japan Candy box was a perfect Halloween experience.

I hope you enjoyed my unboxing my lovelies! If you are also a fan of Japanese candy or you are in the mood to try out something new, make sure to check out Japan Candy Box and see all the great boxes and programs they offer. In the meantime, we have prepared a giveaway for you where one lucky winner will receive a Japan Candy Box for free! Feel free to enter below! 

Feel free to enter in any of these multiple ways and win your own Japan Candy Box! I wish you plenty of luck!

Lots of love,

Devil in the details

Hi babes! It's been a long time since I've done some Halloween inspired outfits. It's time to make that right. This is a new and super elegant twist on a devil costume that I recently came up with. I played with one of the latest ever pretty dresses! I hope you'll enjoy it!

I am wearing:
Dress: Ever-pretty 5% off over $40 code:  Blogger15

What are you wearing this Halloween babes? Let me know!

Lots of love,

Power Puff

Hello my lovelies and welcome to my new post! I am happy to share with you today one of my favorite outfits this season. I am in love with this puff top with really big sleeves. Pearl leggings are an old favorite that I still return to from time to time. Enjoy the post!

I am wearing:
Blouse: SheIn search ID 565372 promo code 59Milica15 for extra 15% off over 59$ 
Leggings: Zaful
Bag: Zaful
Heels: Bata

What do you think dolls? Let me know!

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