Hello my lovelies! Welcome to my brand new unboxing + international giveaway post! As you can already see from the title, I am happy to share with you today an unboxing of one of my favorite subscription boxes, Kawaii box

As many of you know, Kawaii box is a monthly subscription box making sure that you get the cutest kawaii experience at your doorstep every month. Items in the kawaii box are handpicked to include cute items such as candy, plushies, squishies and more! Isn't that amazing?

The box I will be unboxing for you today is May box called Kawaii birthday home party!
 Let's not forget new kawaii box packaging that is super instagramable as well as better choice of items to make them more practical while still super kawaii. Unboxing incoming!

First of all, check out these cute little stuff every girl would love! Candy is an essential of kawaii box, like this chocoball brisk white soda. What you see on the right is not a candy tho - it's a pretty cool neon highlighter! And in the middle there is a pack of necessities - sweet bow hair tie set!

As always, we have some adorable writing tools. New butterfly blossom pen is here together with little fairy tale sharpener and eraser - 2 in 1! Let's not forget sakura washi tape set with really big flower power!

This item is my personal favorite - amuse character egg shaped hair brush! How awesome is this? I put it straight to my bag and now it goes everywhere with me!

And last but not least, one of the biggest items I ever found in a kawaii box - kawaii dreams handbag! Isn't it sooo cute? You can use it as decor or as a normal functioning bag!

That's all for this unboxing my lovelies! Now comes the best part - INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY! 

Enter below to win your own Kawaii box with free worldwide shipping:

Good luck my lovelies!


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Activewear for women

Hello my lovelies and welcome to my brand new fashion post! Summer is not cancelled as you all can see, so this is just the right time for you to take good care of your body and look your best. Active training and sport is always the way to go to get your dream body. Even taking daily walks that are at least half an hour long can do miracles for your body and metabolism. And while you exercise, you are going to need some fancy wholesale activewear for you to feel comfortable and stylish during your activities. That is why today we will be chatting about activewear and current trends and functionalities you can find in your exercise clothing.

In case you are ready to hit the gym this summer, She Star online store is the place for you to find practical, chic and breathable gym clothes for women. There are different options, depending on what do you like the most. I personally really love jumpsuits, as well as two pieces that are very popular right now and come in different designs and materials. Ladies gym wear can be both sexy and super practical and comfy, so you can feel your best self even when you are sweating in the gym. 

I picked out for you a few of their items that I personally find pretty cool. You can see them on the photos in this post. If you browse through this store, you will find a wide range of wholesale womens activewear and there is pretty much something for everyone's fashion taste. You can let me know what are your favorite gym wear items from their website and what do you think about buying activewear online. How often do you exercise during the summer? What's your favorite sport? Feel free to let me know!

Lots of love,

Popular jewelry by Dazzleluna

Hello my lovelies and welcome to my new post! It is time for us to check out some hot accessories for upcoming season. I just love how in the summer the main point of our outfits becomes the jewelry we are wearing. There are so many trends and options that you can choose from, but I am here today to help you pick out something special and suitable for your taste.
The online store I recently discovered called Dazzleluna and it's a small online heaven for all jewelry lovers. They offer something special for everyone. In case you are looking for a specific pair of earrings, this is the place where you can find them. If you want to see some fashionable hoop earrings, stud earrings or dangle earrings, you should definitely check out their earring section.
When it comes to earrings, they are making a really big comeback into the fashion world lately. You can see them on the models on many runways around the world and honestly, I missed wearing big earrings myself. I love hoop earrings and adding some pearls and elegance to them looks kinda cool to me. I also own a lot of vintage earrings and I love wearing them from time to time as well. Cool thing about jewelry is that it lasts pretty long and it keeps coming back in trend.
I picked out some of the pieces that really caught my eye in this store - you can also check out their collection of rings, necklaces and bracelets. I love wearing layered bohemian necklace on any summer outfit. As you can check out on their website, there really are many options.

What do you think of wearing jewelry during the summer my lovelies? Feel free to let me know!

Lots of love,

Waist Trainers by Loverbeauty.com

Hello my lovelies and welcome to my brand new post! I love to discuss with you girls every little secret that helps us to look good and feel good. With that in mind, today we will be checking out something we didn't talk about for a long time, but I know all of you girls love these products. Today it's all about waist training and looking and feeling your best self! So I picked out a perfect online store to present to you today!

Loverbeauty is one of my favorite online shops that helps me find all the shapewear I can imagine. It's pretty cool because it offers a large variety of products that makes us ladies feel more confident about ourselves. There is a waist trainer choice so large that every girl can find something for herself. Also their shapewear collection is super cute and comes in different designs and colors. They also offer bodysuits, panties and shorts specially made to hug your curves, no matter what size you are. 

There are some of my favorite products from their online shop that you can see on the photos in my post. If you are looking for a plus size waist trainer, this is the place to check out! You can take advantage of their free shipping worldwide on all orders over 80$ and get extra 30% off on orders that are 300$ or more. Also you can buy 1 and get 15% off with special code you can find on their website!

What do you think about shopping online for waist trainers and more similar products? Do you know to recommend me best waist trainer for weight loss? Feel free to share your thoughts, I would love to know how many of you ladies love wearing these items!

Lots of love,

Chain pendants by Helloice

Hello my lovelies and welcome to my new post! I am happy to have some jewelry talk with you guys today! I've been searching for some cool pieces of jewelry lately and I discovered an online store called Helloice that I'd love to tell you more about.

Helloice is the place to visit if you want to get yourself some high quality iced out hip hop jewelry. Their range of jewelry is very wide: they offer everything from chains and bracelets over pendants and watches to earrings and rings. If you are a jewelry lover, you will enjoy browsing this store a lot.

There are so many sparkly iced out items on this site that it was hard for me to even pick out a few to share with you guys! But I think I finally found my personal favorites that you can see on the photos in this post. These pendants are only a fragment of all the awesome stuff you can find, not to mention that some jewelry can even be customized by your desires!

Another thing I wanted to tell you is that currently in this online store you can catch a spring sale where you can buy one get one free with a special code you can find on their website. Isn't that awesome? It is mostly on their chain selection and they offer a wide range of chains so I'm sure you will find two that you like the most and take upon this cool offer.

Let's not forget that in this hip hop pendants store you can also get free worldwide shipping on any order over 40$ with standard 30 days return option and one year warranty to keep all your purchases as safe and convenient as possible.

So what do you think about shopping online for hip hop jewelry and iced out pendants? Is this kind of jewelry your thing and do you wear it often? Feel free to let me know!

Lots of love,