5 Of The Most Valuable Precious Stones Ever Discovered


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Diamonds are certainly a girl’s best friend, and over the centuries, there have been some amazing finds, with diamonds and other precious stones that are very special when integrated into fine items of jewellery. If you would like to learn more about the most expensive precious stones in the world today, here are a few examples.


1.      Jadeite - This is an incredibly rare form of jade stone, with one fine example being The Imperial Jade, which has remained with the Chinese government for centuries. In 2014, a necklace made with 27 stones that was once owned by Barbara Hutton, was auctioned for $27.44 million, purchased by the original designer, Cartier.


2.      The Oppenheimer Blue Diamond - This is without doubt the most expensive precious stone ever mined, weighing in at a staggering 14.62 carat. It was named after British racehorse owner and diamond dealer Sir Philip Oppenheimer, the diamond’s previous owner. In 2016, the Oppenheimer Diamond was sold at Christies for the huge amount of $50.6 million to an anonymous telephone bidder. If you would like to view custom blue diamond rings for men and women, search online for a reputable custom jeweller.


3.      The Pink Star - This huge pink diamond weighed in at an amazing 59.60 carat, and it is the largest pink diamond ever valued by The Gem Institute of America, which sold for $71.20 million in Sotheby's in Hong Kong. The famous Australian Argyle diamond mine is all but depleted, which means large, pink diamonds will become even more valuable, as this was the primary source of quality pink diamonds.


4.      The Sunrise Ruby - This classic example of a deep red ruby weighed in at 26 carat and fetched a staggering $30 million at auction, and the stone was mined in Myanmar. This is easily the largest ruby ever discovered and despite a lot of searching, nothing can come close to this deep red ruby. If you would like to design your own engagement ring and have red rubies included, talk to a reputable custom jeweller, who can create a stunning piece.


5.      The Rockefeller Emerald - Emeralds come in all shades of green, and this 18.04 carat stone was purchased by John D Rockefeller for his wife, and years after their death, his son sold the stone at an auction for a cool $5.5 million. This flawless green emerald has remained the most expensive emerald ever sold. If you would like to incorporate emeralds into your engagement or wedding ring, talk to an established custom jeweller who can select loose stones and have them cut to order.


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While you probably can’t afford any of the above precious stones, you can approach a custom jeweller who can select loose stones and create a diamond engagement ring that is truly one of a kind. With your design input and the jeweller’s skill, the end result would be a stunning unique ring that would certainly appreciate in value over the years. You could make this a family heirloom, to be handed down through the generations.

Men Clothing by Wayrates

Hello my lovelies and welcome to my new post! It's been a while since we talked about men's fashion on this blog, so I believe it is the right time for us to make up for it! You know how I love to browse for all the latest trends and fashionable goodies online and that I share all my finds with you. That is why today we will be chatting about men tactical clothing and more inspiring trends in the world of fashion for men.

Recently I discovered an online store called Wayrates and let me tell you, it was a big discovery for me. As a married woman, nowadays I am also buying clothing and shoes for my husband. This online store is the right place if you are looking for something pretty cool and trendy for your man. They offer pretty much everything when it comes to men fashion: active wear, tactical wear, headwear, footwear, as well as clothing for outdoors.

What I like about this store is that it offers you a wide range of promotions you can take advantage of. There is always a flash sale going on where you can pick items that are on a discount. You can also use their discount codes for 8$ off if you buy 3 items or 16$ off if you buy 4 items. Shipping is worldwide and also available to you for free on any order over 89$. Isn't that great?

Halloween is coming up and I'm happy to share with you that this store has their own Halloween section where you can get all kinds of spooky items for men. They got some pretty awesome shirts and hoodies for you to pick from. Also, let's not forget their wide range of mens tactical boots!

I have picked out a few of my favorites for you to check out as well. I think they all look pretty good and are quite affordable for the quality offered.

Let me know what do you think of this store my lovelies! I would love to hear your thoughts on it!

Lots of love,


Latest trends by HexinFashion

 Hello my lovelies and welcome to my new post! Autumn is here and new trends have most certainly arrived! I am browsing the internet as usual and I am happy to share all the fresh goodies that I found. You know I love to share all the latest trendy items with you, so that is what we will dedicate today's post to. I will be sharing my thoughts on all the latest trends and new online stores I checked out recently.

The online store we will be talking about today is called HexinFashion. Maybe you have heard of it before, but in case you didn't, let me tell you more: this is a great online corner if you are looking for something you will feel great and sexy in. HexinFashion offers a large variety of shapewear, swimwear, underwear, lingerie, as well as casual items such as dresses, tops, bottoms, sportswear, but also plus size clothing.

There is pretty much something for everyone in this store. What I really enjoy wearing this autumn is sexy bandage dresses. If you are like me, you will fall in love with this store. Their huge choice of bandage dresses is really something different. They come in all shapes and sizes and the trendiest colors as well.

I fell in love so deeply with few of their pieces so I decided to share them with you in this post. You can see some really sexy dresses that will raise your confidence and make you look your best on an evening out. I love the gentle pink color as well as classics such as red and black. Make sure to check out other items on their site such as athletic crop tops and leggings.

What is your favorite autumn items my lovelies? What is your favorite category on HexinFashion? Feel free to let me know!

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The Gothic Culture

The term "Gothic" dates farther back than one may think, as it not only refers to a specific style, art and literature, but also characterizes a people with a diverse background and relatively influential role in ancient history. Originating in Scandinavia during the time in which the Roman Empire was a force to be reckoned with, the Gothic people continuously disrupted the order of the empire with their Barbaric attacks on multiple Balkan cities, and other raids near the Black and Aegean Sea. Although they did not accomplish in any major conquests nor play a large role in the fall of the Roman Empire, they were a notable force during this time period and their influence in art, writing, music and other things became a major contributing factor in defining the Middle Ages and Renaissance that soon followed.

During the Middle Ages, Gothic influence could be seen in art, literature, fashion and many other aspects of life throughout this period, with defining roles that shaped each into unique subcategories, as Gothic refers to a specific style to this day. The Gothic art of the Middle Ages and Renaissance could mainly be seen in the robust architectural monuments that were used as Cathedrals, Abbeys and other widely used public and private buildings, creating distinct features such as the pointed arch to individualize the construction. While the defining role of the Gothic style during the Middle Ages and Late Renaissance took the form of architectural masterpieces, Gothic writing and other forms of art emerged as history progressed. Literature that fell under this category often took the form of dark, horror based fictional narratives based around a twisted theme, and surprisingly surfaced during the Romantic period of Britain. The theme "Gothic" though, was not taken with full seriousness until authors such as Edgar Allen Poe took the idea and turned it into the well known genre recognized in much of today's literary masterpieces, as his work was focused on the roots of the Goths, with much of his writing being barbaric in nature.


The common elements in Gothic literature and art, similar to the architecture, conjure a sense of mystery and eerie sensation in the viewer, which is often why castles and mansions are the authors and artists setting of choice. Those known for creating work under the Gothic genre often resided in buildings of this nature, for they attempted to portray the feeling that the architecture conveyed in their art or writing, the shadows that darkened rooms or the sounds heard throughout during storm filled nights, almost as though the building was alive. Other elements that define the Gothic culture include the rose and cross, which are connected to each other in meaning closer than one may believe, and their relationship dates back to Medieval and Renaissance periods in which Cathedrals and Churches under Gothic architectural guidance were being constructed. With this knowledge, it is easy to determine why the cross is so common in the Goth genre, and it is widely used in fear inducing work relating to the Devil or protection from evil presences. The rose, though, has more of a unique background and a greater list of possible inclusions in Gothic art and literature, as it was originally a defining aspect of a Cathedral's architecture. A large, round stained glass window often stood as a centerpiece for the eye to gaze upon while in service, with a center point being surrounded by patterns resembling rose petals, and the colors were of a floral nature as well. There is, then, an extremely close connection between the cross and rose, as they both were symbols used in religious buildings during the Medieval and Renaissance periods, and is also another architectural influence from the Gothic era. Another plausible reason as to why the rose is part of these dark themed, horror based works of art dates back to the Romantic time period of England, which is when the Gothic form in art surfaced. The rose is used to signify love and romance, and often times authors would include relationships had by the main character of the novel or piece, giving them somewhat of a more human aspect if the character is meant to be tormented by their own doing or of an outside influence, which allows for greater empathy towards them by the audience. These elements that define Gothic art and literature revolve around dark themes, or what society has associated evil with, and additional elements include blood, bats, crows and others of this nature, all of which though are meant to create a sense of shadowed mystery and ill intentions.

Much of what is apparent in the art and literature can also be seen in the clothing and styles that have become increasingly popular in recent years, with inclusion of the main element, dark colors, to create a very individualistic style and something for people to aid in the representation of who they feel they relate as in society. A lot of what Goth style is relates to intricate designs on clothing, jewelry and possibly make-up backed by a dark pallet of colors, usually black or red, and this is what creates the mysterious and shadowed feel that is represented in the literature and art. It is a way to showcase how the person would like to be portrayed to the world, whether it be simply a preferred sense of style in clothes or make-up, or to help represent the lifestyle they feel deeply connected to, as no other style truly can be used to represent the Gothic category. The style can come as a shock to many, as it is a bold statement and is not commonly practiced by the masses, but it is simply a preferred way of appearance or way of living and often we misjudge it upon sight. Edward Scissorhands is often used to aid in the representation of the Gothic culture, and can be also looked upon as how society should embrace the authentic style that is Goth, as his appearance is not far from the normal look of someone who feels connected with the culture.


This also helps to highlight that Gothic stories or those who partake in the practices are not shrouded in darkness, as the film is of a romantic nature, thus it is seen that the dark themes are only a single part of the culture and can be understood more in depth that Gothic style and people come from a complex historical background. Some may continue to view this culture as barbaric, offensive at times or simply not appealing, but that is with a surface level understanding of who they are and where their style, art and roots came from. With their involvement throughout history in major conflicts with the Roman Empire, monumental success in the architecture of the Middle Ages and Renaissance periods, and defining art, literature and style that can be seen to this day and is appreciated as such, it is hard to deny that Gothic culture is one of great richness and should be understood before turning a blind eye, simply because you're not a fan of how they look.

Which 10 Items Can Create 100+ Fashion Outfits

Which 10 Items can create 100+ fashion outfits? There is a common awkward situation for all women in the world that we don't have clothes to wear. However, we already have many clothes in the wardrobe. Actually, you don't need so many new clothes to catch the fashion trends. What you need to do is create various clothing styles through limited pieces.

Now, I will introduce 10 items that can create 100+ fashion outfits.

1.   White Shirt

If you ask me to choose the favorite in the 10 items, I will choose white shirt. Because it's so great to match any other clothes! In the spring and summer, you can only wear the white shirt to match the Shorts, jeans, skirts, hip wrap skirts, long skirts and more. 


In the autumn and winter, you can wear a white shirt with Knit vest, knit coat, trench coat, cowboy coat... No matter what you wear with a white shirt, you can create a different style.

While choosing white shirt, you should not choose a white shirt with too much exaggerated design, comfort and special is benevolent.

2.   Dress

A Sexy Maxi Dress can be seen as the items that never out of date, especially the classic black dress. A one-piece dress can help you strengthen the sense of elegance and tenderness. A well-designed dress can be used to match sweater, shirt, blazer, coat and more. With some matching jewelries, the outfits will be more fashionable.

2.   Wide Legged Pants

Wide Legged Pants are definitely bank on trend in recent years. It can lengthen your legs and cover up your muffin top. The items can make you have a strong fashion sense. When you wear it with a short cropped top,  you will look like very high and chic. Matching it with a white shirt and trench coat, this outfit is perfect for working. However, if you  choose the wide legged pant without a right length and a good stretch, it will look terrible.


3.   Skirt

The skirt is always regarded as a versatile fashion item. Whether the skirt is in blue-jeans, leather or velvet, you can use skirt to match various outfits. The jeans skirt is easy to match. You can wear it with a white shirt, T-shirt or camisole to go shopping. But when you attach some exquisite ornaments to those outfits, you will become a professional woman. Blazer or coat is also a good choice in autumn and winter.


4.   Straight Leg

Straight leg has been a necessary piece just as white shirt. If your calves are a little thick, straight leg can help you solve this problem. In contrast with leggings, straight leg is more fashionable. When you wear Straight Leg, you can cuff the hem to show the ankle and make your legs look thinner. 

5.   Blazer

If you are looking for a new look in spring and autumn, blazer is a good option. Try not to choose the black suit which you wear at a job interview.  Plaid or nude blazer is trendy. While wearing a blazer, you should pay attention to your shoes and bags, different style shoes and bags may determine your style. Black blazer+white shirt+blue jeans+sneaker+bag=a comfortable and good outfit.



6.   Denim jacket

One of the most important item of sports styles, street style or Hip hop style is Denim jacket. Your mother may buy it for you in middle you. But how to use Denim jacket to create a different fashion style is a question. There are 10 items to match Denim jacket.

l  With shirts, for example, white shirt

l  With a white T-shirt, or T-shirt with special printing

l  With a short skirt 

l  With a dress

l  With a hoodie

l  With a jumpsuit

l  With straight leg

l  With wide legged pants

l  With a sneaker, i.e. Thunder Rive Doite

l  With high-heels


7.   Pointy High Heel Shoes

A lot of girls have already has high heel shoes. But a pair of pointy high heels shoes which the color is similar with your skin color can lengthen your legs and make you look thinner. You can wear it with any trousers or dresses.

8.   Thunder Rive Doite

Thunder Rive Doite is very popular in recent seasons. Despite the reason that there are many internet celebrities wearing Thunder Rive DoIte to make it a trendy. There are other reasons for it became popular--its retro design and special desigh make it more personal than usual sneakers.

9.   Accessories Or Bags

To a certain extent, accessories can be regarded as the "soul" of an outfit. Sometimes, you just wear a simple and casual clothes. But with accessories, the outfit will be totally different. I advise you to buy accessories which are simple but elegant. That means you can wear it in a all kinds of situation. For example, the necklace with coin is a good choice. In addition, women's handbags are not only for things, but also important decorations for women. It can fit your shirt and blazer to make your outfit more fashionable.




Owing to lack of ability to match their clothes in closet, large amounts of women have complained that they don't have enough clothes. In fact, whether you have the items mentioned above is doesn't matter. The most crucial thing for you now is trying to use your old clothes to create new outlooks.