Shirts for men by Wayrates


Hey dolls! How is your day going? I am having quite a good one! Spring is almost here and I am looking forward to it. The current situation in the world is just making my favorite hobby - online shopping - even more enjoyable and convenient. I love a good sale and if you are looking for mens clothing sale just like I am, then today's post is just for you.

Today I will be telling you about this online store that I recently discovered called Wayrates where you can find everything for men. There are so many categories you can choose from when it comes to clothing: tactical, activewear, outdoor, cycling and motorcycle and so much more.

I picked out some of my favorite items from their website for you guys to check out. On the photos in this post there are some cool items for men that I liked a lot. You can let me know what do you think about these designs. There is also some interesting footwear, as well as women's section you can browse if you like.

What is also cool about this online shop is that you can enjoy free shipping on your purchases over 99$ as well as extra 10% off for new customers. You can also check out their spring sale and flash sale section if you want to find some good deals and save a few bucks. For latest arrivals and some hot trends, visit their new in section where you can find the trendiest items.

Feel free to let me know which items from Wayrates are your favorite and what is your favorite item that you love to shop online. I love shopping for shirts for men. Do you shop online or offline these days? Feel free to share your thoughts!

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Helloice hip hop jewelry 2021


Hello my lovelies and welcome to my brand new post! I hope you are all doing well and taking care of yourself in these challenging times. This is also ideal time for online shopping soon as that saves you time and keeps you safe and without unnecessary contacts. I was a huge fan of online shopping even before all this has started. One of my favorite online stores for jewelry shopping is called Helloice and that is what I will be talking about in today's post.

I definitely decided that I should devote more blog space to urban jewelry such as one that Helloice has to offer. If you are looking for a perfect jewelry set, this is the right online store for you. They also offer a variety of pendants, chains, bracelets, necklaces, watches, earrings, ring and much more. Some of these items can also be custom made and personalized to suit you.

I picked out some of my favorite pieces for you to check out on the photos in this post. Feel free to tell me if you like cuban link chain as much as I do! I also really enjoy their shiny necklaces where ''more is more''.

There is also a spring sale going on (because hey, we all love spring and can't wait for it to arrive). This spring sale at Helloice means that you buy one and get other free for certain products. Many of their coolest items are in this offer such as pendants, earrings, cuban link and necklaces. Make sure to check out that promotion and use their special code for this shopping.

What do you think about this kind of jewelry and mens cuban link chain my lovelies? Feel free to share your favorites with me as always! I am looking forward to chatting with you!

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Are Silver Necklaces Worth It? (the Answer Is Absolutely)


 We hear the phrases "diamonds are forever" and "it holds its weight in gold." But what do you think about silver?

Silver is often dismissed as a lesser metal to gold and not having the luster of diamonds. But, silver is one of the best materials if you're on the lookout for great jewelry.

Have you wondered -- are silver necklaces worth it? We think they are.

If you're looking for jewelry for yourself, to give as a gift, or to buy for an investment then you should look into silver necklaces.

Here's how you know that silver necklaces are worth it:

Sterling Silver Necklaces Are Long-Lasting

If you choose to buy sterling silver necklaces you ensure that they'll last longer. For example, look at the collection of silver necklaces here:

These necklaces are affordable yet they have durability not found in jewelry made from other metals.

Silver isn't generally a durable metal, but sterling silver was made to help silver jewelry to last longer.

If you're in the market for sterling silver necklaces, you'll realize that it's worth the price!

Diverse Options

Silver is a malleable metal, which means it can get made into different types of jewelry products.

Even when you stick to silver necklaces, there are diverse options. For example, you can find sterling silver chains in the Cuban-link style.

You can also find a thin silver necklace with space for a pendant. If you prefer choker-style necklaces, silver can get used for these as well.

Silver necklaces also work well for different occasions.

You can find silver necklaces for everyday wear. You can also find finer silver necklaces for galas, red carpet events, etc.

As a result, silver necklaces can also match whatever outfit you wear. It works with different clothing materials and different colors.

This is also why silver necklaces are a great gift.

Regardless of the personal style of your recipient, they'll be able to match silver necklaces with anything they wear.

Silver Necklaces Are Hypoallergenic

A lot of precious metals can trigger allergies for wearers including causing severe skin irritation.

Most silver necklaces don't include an abundance of cheaper metals such as brass or nickel.

Sterling silver necklaces will contain a bit of copper to add durability. However, copper is less likely to cause any allergic reaction.

This is also why silver necklaces are a great gift for young children.

As children are particularly susceptible to allergens, sterling silver reduces this likelihood.

Silver Necklaces Tarnish Less

Unfortunately, due to silver's capacity to tarnish easily, it often gets dismissed by most jewelry buyers.

However, silver necklaces are the least likely to tarnish. This is even true when compared to other silver jewelry products.

This is because wearing your silver necklaces helps fight against possible tarnish!

Your skin develops oils that help clean your silver necklaces as you wear them.

As such, the more often you wear silver necklaces the less likely they are to get tarnished. Most jewelry items will need to get kept aside on occasion for cleaning.

You'll still need to clean your silver necklaces on occasion. However, this isn't something you'll have to worry about often.

Sterling silver necklaces don't require as much maintenance as other types of jewelry.

You can get away with a basic varnish and cleaning cloth to bring back the luster.

Great for Collections

Are you planning on starting a jewelry collection? Whether it's for your personal use or for a business, then silver necklaces are a great addition.

You can focus on affordable silver necklaces if you want to focus on a bulk collection. There are also high-end silver necklaces that work well for premiere occasions.

If you run an everyday retail jewelry business, you can provide a lot of stock in silver necklaces.

For a luxury jewelry business, you can make lucrative sales just from your silver necklaces.

Take a moment to think about the jewelry shops you've encountered. Whether you've gone to an everyday jewelry shop or a high-end shop, you've probably seen an abundance of silver necklaces.

Great for Investments

If you're a precious metals investor, then silver necklaces are a great asset. They have high liquidity which means you can sell them with ease. You'll find you can sell them to bullion dealers and other investors alike.

Silver is a great asset for any seasoned investor. But what if you're a beginner investor?

If silver bullion doesn't work for you, then silver necklaces are another great option.

Silver necklaces are as affordable as bullion and contain high levels of pure silver.

For example, sterling silver necklaces have 92.5% silver content. Silver bullion has between 90% to 99% silver content.

Apart from its beauty, silver is a great industrial metal.

For example, silver gets used for batteries in a variety of devices. These range from smartphone batteries to batteries for medical equipment.

As such, the demand for silver is always there. Silver necklaces can get sold to bullion dealers. They'll melt your silver necklaces for industrial purposes.

From a historical perspective, silver was used as a form of currency. Silver coins and bars were once an accepted currency within the United States.

While not a popular currency today, you can expect many people to find value in your silver.

In an emergency scenario, you might be able to use your silver necklaces as an item for bartering.

Great for Passing Down

Have you ever wondered what you can pass onto your loved ones? Silver necklaces are a great option for your heirs.

Silver necklaces are loved by both men and women. As such, they can get passed to sons and daughters.

For any heir that wishes to have a rich social life, they can count on their silver necklaces to fit in at a local gala.

If your heirs ever need assets for investing or for an emergency, they can depend on their silver necklaces.

Are Silver Necklaces Worth It?

By now, you likely aren't wondering are silver necklaces worth it? Because they absolutely are!

These often overlooked pieces of jewelry are a great option for jewelers, consumers, and investors alike.

Why don't you start your silver necklaces collection today? Start looking for silver necklaces for different occasions. Buy some for yourself and consider a silver necklace next time you're looking for the perfect gift.

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Marketing for Skincare: Is TikTok the Secret Sauce for Success in 2021?

For most people, 2021 was full of uncertainties. Canceled plans and events, appointments that didn't happen, the list is endless. Many people may still not feel completely comfortable putting something on their calendar in ink. Because of this, many people have sought alternatives and new sources of entertainment. Also, some of the things on a person's to-do list are much easier to replace than others.

While this is true, something that many people wonder is -; where do they turn when their skin is "acting up?" According to recent beauty market research, no longer are people consulting with professionals at their local beauty counter or professional dermatologists. In fact, there is now one answer for information, resources, and more that stands out in the skincare industry -; TikTok.

The Impact of Skincare Reviews on TikTok

For young consumers, TikTok is now considered one of the main references for reviews. This includes all types of consumer goods, from grocery store produce to skincare and more. Also, when these young consumers have nothing but time available, they have likely spent countless hours finding and buying the best products based on what other TikTokers have to say.

TikTok has taken the "word of mouth" mentality to an all-new level. By sharing information, it is possible to enhance visibility and become a powerful marketing tool. Keep reading to learn more about the impact of this social platform and the impact it is set to have on the skincare industry in the coming months.

Top Recommended Products

There are several skincare brands that have become highly recommended through TikTok. It is these lucky brands that have seen a huge level of response because of all the reviews posted on TikTok. In fact, there are countless products that are now on backorder because of this. Original users and retail employees have even begun to create original content that complains about the scarcity of some of these products.

The Introduction of the "Skinfluencer"

Many people wonder who is responsible for this lack of supply? In the app, there are countless well-known TikTockers who are talking about their favorite products. Because of this, a new type of star has risen called the "skinfluencer." This is someone who is available to provide help and support for any skincare concerns TikTok users have.

How Are They Doing It?

Generation Z is well-known for the use of the internet to get an upper leg on things. They can also access more education than any generation before by conducting a simple search online. These individuals have taken time to educate themselves in their spare time, which is something that Skininfluencers are doing, too. Of course, it is necessary for these individuals to have the proof to back up the claims they make, otherwise, they may wind up being canceled by the followers they have.

Using TikTok for Skincare Marketing

When it comes to TikTok there are more than a few ways to use it for the skincare industry. As can be seen from the information here, using TikTok may be an effective way for modern skincare brands to make a name and make a splash in this competitive industry. Be sure to check out some of the current successes to see what they have done.


4 Ways to Protect Office Workers from COVID-19

 While the majority of employees who are able to have been working from home for the best part of a year due to the COVID-19 crisis, there are many reasons why your business might require some staff to be present in the office. And after a long period of working from home, many employees are happy to get back to some sort of normalcy and work from an environment that isn’t the kitchen table or a makeshift home office. However, the threat of spreading COVID-19 is still as real as ever before, so if you require your employees to be present in the office, it’s important to take the following steps to protect their health and wellbeing.

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Allow Flexible Working

Flexible working where employees come into the office on certain days of the week and continue working from home on the other days allows you to restrict the number of employees who are in the office at any one time, therefore reducing the spread of COVID-19 as a result. Rather than having everybody back in the office at once, this can act as a staggered return to work and give employees the chance to readjust after a long period of remote working too.

Sneeze Guards

Most offices were not set up with COVID-19 in mind, and if your office has desks that are close to or next to each other, this could quickly become a risk factor for employees who are coming into the business premises to work. Sneeze guards are clear plexiglass guards that you can use to provide a protective barrier between desks, while still allowing employees to easily communicate with each other. Find out more about sneeze guards and other protective equipment available at

Mask Wearing

Wherever possible, employees should wear a face mask or another type of face-covering when they are in the workplace. Research has found that masks are effective in slowing the spread of COVID-19 by providing a barrier for droplets that come from the mouth and nose when speaking, coughing, laughing, and sneezing. In some states, asking your employees to wear masks when in the workplace may be mandatory by state law. Employees should wear a mask wherever possible unless they are unable to due to an underlying condition. It is best to continue to allow employees with underlying health conditions to continue working from home for their own safety.

Hand Sanitizer

The past year has seen more sales of hand sanitizer and handwashing soaps and gels than ever before. Keeping your hands clean is still one of the most effective ways to protect against COVID-19 since many infections are caused by a person touching an infected surface and then touching their face. Provide a hand sanitizing station at the entrance of your office for employees to use on their way in and small bottles of hand sanitizer for each employee at their desk. To further reduce the risk of infection, make sure that the office is deep cleaned daily especially in high-touch areas like door handles and light switches.

Most office workers have been able to stay safe by working from home, but in some industries, this hasn’t been possible. If you have employees who are still coming into the office during this pandemic, these are just a few of the most effective safety measures to take.