Look of the day: Ace of spades + Instagram

January 22, 2014 Venoma 18 Comments

Have you ever freaked out like, two weeks before an exam? I did yesterday. I think I didn't experience before that two weeks are two little time for something like this to be done, but there's obviously a first time for everything, especially when you're studying economics and trying to have any sort of life in the meantime. That's why now I'm moving on to some other exam that seems more likely to be passed in two weeks of studying. I don't have plenty of choice, I got one ''medium'' and three ''super difficult'' exams left, so ''medium'' it is for this January.

Today I'm sharing with you one of my ''casual'' outfits. I actually never wore a trench with something a bit more edgy, I always paired it with something elegant, so I tried something new with plenty of studs and ace of spades shirt this time. Enjoy the pics!

I am wearing:
Sunnies: Wholecelebshades 
Shirt: Jollychic 
Bracelets: no name Jeans: Miss 60
Coat: Sheinside  Boots: Yeswalker  Bag: Rockwithu

What do you think dolls? Also I wanted to share my Instagram account with you. You can find me and follow me here on Instagram, but please keep it mind, it's more kind of a private account than blog account. I post a lot of food and little fashion :D

Until my next post,


  1. You look fab, such a cool tee
    Keep in touch

  2. You look lovely doll, good luck to you on the exams x

  3. Odločno, pogotovo majica!!;)


  4. The skull top is very trendy ^^ I love

    恵美より ♥

  5. nice look, the bagI love :) xx


  6. Good luck with your exams!
    Xoxo, Victoria