Look of the day: Red Corset

January 29, 2014 Venoma 16 Comments

The other day I had a blast... I was going out to a club straight from a dancing workshop. So, instead of this cute little Carpisa clutch, I was taking a huge training bag with me. It was so much fun tho, both workshop and the party. I took these indoors, because it's freezing outside and you guys already know I hate (and by hate I really mean hate) the cold. 

Also I'd love to add a few words about corsets because the star of today's outfit is this lovely red corset straight from I love sexy. I don't think corsets are one of those things you should wear only when you see them on a runway. I think they are the ultimate sexy piece and that every girl should own a few. When girls post pictures in corsets, it's usually in artistic editorial form. I wished I saw more of them in fashion blogs. I hope you'll like my outfit! Enjoy!

I am wearing:

Blouses: no name
Corset: I love sexy 
Skirt: Ahaishopping
Tights: I love sexy 
Clutch: Carpisa   Heels: Tally Weijl

What do you say dolls? Do you wear corsets yourselves? Share your thoughts in comments please!

Until my next post,


  1. Fab outfit, I really like your corset
    Keep in touch

  2. follow to follow?


  3. I like that skirt. xa


  4. Sexy as hell! Awesome corset! I freakin hate the cold so much, too! :D

    1. While thank u dear :D Winter sucs, throw rocks at it xD

  5. The corset is so cool and you rock! Love the clutch! Kisses! xo

  6. Hello dear, beautiful blog and amazing corsets :) love your look, i follow you with pleasure on GFC and bloglovin, if you want to pass by me :)


    kiss Tea

  7. Great corset, and the tights are so interesting! This winter, I'm into patterned and colored tights. These days I wear tights of all colors -- green, cerulean blue, fuchsia, red, purple, burgund. I have some much fun with colored tights!
    We have a pretty hard winter in Toronto this year, but for the past few days we had a friendlier weather and I'm really enjoying myself dressing up in the morning while it's weather permitting.
    Xoxo, Victoria


    1. Oh doll, I can't even imagine how it is in Toronto when it's a mess these last few days in here, and in school they teached us that we are in the ''continental climate zone'' ! Thank you for your lovely comment, I hope you have a lot of fun wearing all sort of colorful stuff this winter :)

  8. H… O… T…