Look of the day: Red Corset

January 29, 2014 Venoma 21 Comments

The other day I had a blast... I was going out to a club straight from a dancing workshop. So, instead of this cute little Carpisa clutch, I was taking a huge training bag with me. It was so much fun tho, both workshop and the party. I took these indoors, because it's freezing outside and you guys already know I hate (and by hate I really mean hate) the cold. 

Also I'd love to add a few words about corsets because the star of today's outfit is this lovely red corset straight from I love sexy. I don't think corsets are one of those things you should wear only when you see them on a runway. I think they are the ultimate sexy piece and that every girl should own a few. When girls post pictures in corsets, it's usually in artistic editorial form. I wished I saw more of them in fashion blogs. I hope you'll like my outfit! Enjoy!

I am wearing:

Blouses: no name
Corset: I love sexy 
Skirt: Ahaishopping
Tights: I love sexy 
Clutch: Carpisa   Heels: Tally Weijl

What do you say dolls? Do you wear corsets yourselves? Share your thoughts in comments please!

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Until my next post,


  1. Fab outfit, I really like your corset
    Keep in touch

  2. follow to follow?


  3. I like that skirt. xa


  4. Sexy as hell! Awesome corset! I freakin hate the cold so much, too! :D

    1. While thank u dear :D Winter sucs, throw rocks at it xD

  5. Lovely outfit, really stylish. Would you like to follow each other?

  6. The corset is so cool and you rock! Love the clutch! Kisses! xo

  7. Hello dear, beautiful blog and amazing corsets :) love your look, i follow you with pleasure on GFC and bloglovin, if you want to pass by me :)


    kiss Tea

  8. Great corset, and the tights are so interesting! This winter, I'm into patterned and colored tights. These days I wear tights of all colors -- green, cerulean blue, fuchsia, red, purple, burgund. I have some much fun with colored tights!
    We have a pretty hard winter in Toronto this year, but for the past few days we had a friendlier weather and I'm really enjoying myself dressing up in the morning while it's weather permitting.
    Xoxo, Victoria


    1. Oh doll, I can't even imagine how it is in Toronto when it's a mess these last few days in here, and in school they teached us that we are in the ''continental climate zone'' ! Thank you for your lovely comment, I hope you have a lot of fun wearing all sort of colorful stuff this winter :)

  9. H… O… T…