Birthday girl vol.24

August 25, 2014 Venoma 14 Comments

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Hey lovelies! This is not really an outfit post, more like a milestone post, like every year on my birthday :) I turned 24 and all the people I love spoiled me completely with their beautiful wishes, enough to last me until my next birthday for sure! :D I wore a dress you already saw once on my blog, but it turns out to be my favorite for this summer season. Bunny ears are a must too! :D Love ya all :***

I'm wearing: 
Dress: DX Mall (  Shoes: 3M   Ears: Chicnova   Bracelet: Tidestore

Until my next post,


  1. the cutest bunny birthday girl ever :) are these the balloons you asked for from friends !
    Keep in touch

  2. Great dress. xa

  3. Srećan R :) Haljina mi se mnogo dopada :)

  4. Aaaaw, Happy Birthday bunny! I wish you all the happiness and love in the world ^_^

  5. Srecan Rodjendan! Such a cute outfit!

  6. Rodjendan chestitah, nikako da prokomentarishem look. Super je haljinica!
    Hocu ja ovakve balone :(