Birthday wishlist

August 22, 2014 Venoma 9 Comments

Hi dolls, happy Friday to you :) I hope you had a great week. I'm sorry about the lack of posts, it's just that I have those exams to prepare and a birthday to celebrate tomorrow ^^ I love my birthday and it's not even because of the attention I get on my special day, it's because I get to gather all the people I love and show them how much I love having them in my life. 

Before the midnight hits and it all turns into a lovely mess with a full house of people, I usually make a post trying to help my friends and family decide what to get me for my birthday, because as I previously stated in my blog birthday post, it gets pretty hard to buy me something I don't already have when it comes to clothing and jewellery, and God knows I'm not too big fan of cosmetics. So I made these bday wishlists for the past three years and I will make one today too, to honour the tradition, but this one might be a little different.

I decided to ask all of my friends to buy me balloons this year if they stay out of ideas and get tempted to buy me something I most certainly don't need -  the Virgo in me gets a little sensitive when it comes to hoarding, I keep it all clean and neat and all the unnecessary stuff must get out of my house as soon as possible or I go a little crazy xD The only fashion related thing that I consider I don't have enough of is big summer hats - and that's 'cause I think you can't really get enough of those! :)

Also that carousel toy you can see on the first pic - I like that too, I don't really know why, I really think it's super cute :) Also I have a thing for Deborah eyeshadows for smoky eyes effect and big golden necklaces with statements on them.

But as I said, balloons, flowers, creamy tasty alcohol and lots lots lots lots of candy are always an awesome idea :)

Enjoy the rest of your Friday dolls :)

Until my next post,


  1. ballons for birthday , aww :)
    i so want those chocolates
    keep in touch

  2. Great post, have a good birthday x
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