Unboxing: Japan Fun Box

July 15, 2016 Venoma 2 Comments

Hi dolls! I'm so excited to presenting you with a brand new unboxing post! Today we have a special little box that arrived very quickly straight out of Japan and I'm about to share all about it including its content with you in a moment!

Japan Fun Box is a new subscription box coming to us straight from Japan and is full of Japanese snacks and candy! It comes in three different sizes: mini that contains 5-7 items, original size that contains 15-20 items, one special item and 1 DIY kit and also family size that is kinda huge 25-30 items, 2 DIY kits and 2 special items. They cost respectively around 15$, 33$ and 50$. Which is pretty good price if you calculate that with any of the box you get absolutely free worldwide shipping.

I received a mini box to the other day and I had so much fun trying out these Japanese snacks and candy! It arrived in a lovely sealed box with a list of the yummy things that are inside. 

My personal favorite was of course the chocolate, you know I have a sweet tooth! My boyfriend really liked everything that tasted a bit sour, including the cheese flavored chips that really had a strong aroma. Out of salty things I must admit I feel in love with Tomato Pretz! That thing is just so good! I ate it straight away and I ate all of it!

What do you think about Japanese products and these kind of subscription boxes my lovelies? Did you like my Japan Fun Box? I would love to hear your thoughts on it!

With love,