10 Homemade Beauty Remedies for Your Skin

April 10, 2017 Venoma 1 Comments

You'd be surprised to find out that many of the ingredients found in store-bought skin remedies are found in common household pantry items, such as grapes. Homemade remedies are not only inexpensive, but they don't contain unknown chemical additives found in many products. We have rounded up some super affordable and beauty-friendly remedies, all made from things you may already have in your kitchen!  

1. Grape anti-aging Cleanser

If you want to get rid of your wrinkles and keep your skin healthy, grapes are the best. They also are rich in antioxidants and vitamins. Simply blend half a cup of whole grapes, one teaspoon of olive oil, a 1/4 cup of yogurt and a tablespoon of baking soda in a blender. Apply this mixture on your face for around 20 minutes then wash off with water.

2. Avocado and Honey Moisturizer

Avocado is essentially a super food which is full of enriching with fats, fiber, antioxidants and vitamins. At the same time, honey helps your skin absorb and retain moisture. Mix one whole avocado with a tablespoon of honey by mashing it up and simmering it on a low flame. Once the mixture cools, apply to the skin for around 20 to 30 minutes and then wash off.

3. Citric Acid and Baking Soda Toner

First, apply citric acid, or lemon juice, to your skin and allow to sit for five minutes. The acid will deteriorate all dead skin and other debris that has built up. Follow it up by gently exfoliate with the baking soda then thoroughly rinse it. This will remove the remaining debris, leaving your skin very soft and young.

4. Honey and Cucumber Cleanse and Moisturize.

Not only does honey help your skin absorb and retain moisture, but it removes impurities as well. Combined with cucumber's anti-inflammatory properties, it makes a great skin remedy. Mix one cup of cucumber juice with a tablespoon of honey and place the mixture on your skin for around 10 minutes. Upon washing with warm water, your skin will feel soft and moisturized.

5. Honey and Sugar Scrub

Mix two parts honey with one part sugar, then gently scrub your skin with the mixture for around 15 minutes. The sugar will exfoliate your skin while the honey helps retain moisture. These simple ingredients can be found just about anywhere, so keep this handy recipe in mind. After rinsing with warm water, your skin will be looking great and feeling brand new.

6. Coffee Ground Scrub

Because coffee grounds are very rough, they exfoliate the skin very well. On top of that, they draw out moisture. Although you may think this is counterproductive, drawing out moisture can help remove excess cellulite, improving the shine of your skin. Rub the grounds on your skin for around five minutes then rinse with warm water.

7. Milk and Honey

Fill your bathtub with warm water then place two cups of milk and half a cup of honey in the bath. Sit in this mixture for around 30 minutes and enjoy a relaxing break in your routine. Your skin will feel completely moisturized when you are done. A shower afterwards will remove any sticky residue, without negating the benefits.  

8. Almond Oil All-Over Moisturizer

Almond oil is well known for having copious amounts of vitamin E, so it makes perfect sense to use it in skin products. Obtain some pure almond oil and rub it onto your skin. Remember that a little bit goes a long way. Just allow it to completely absorb. Don't rinse with any water whatsoever. This remedy works far better compared to any lotion on the market today.

9. Oatmeal and Honey Face Mask

The oatmeal has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that will tighten your skin cells, giving your skin a toned, fresh appearance. Simmer equal amounts of honey and oatmeal for ten minutes, strain the mixture, allow to cool and apply to your skin for a full 20 minutes Make sure to completely rinse of the mixture with water.

10. Oatmeal, Sea Salt and Baking Soda Scrub

First, boil equal amounts of oats and water by volume, then strain the mixture and allow to cool. Rub your skin with equal amounts of sea salt, baking soda and water for around 20 minutes, then rinse. The exfoliating process helps prepare your skin to receive all the benefits of the oatmeal.


Combine these remedies with exercise and fun hobbies, such as crafting and sewing , hiking and other activities to balance your life, both physically and mentally. Keep in mind that there are many other homemade remedies out there. Don't be discouraged if one remedy doesn't work well, as many find much higher success in some home remedies than others, so you just have to see which one works best for you. Most importantly, you can rest knowing that these remedies use all natural ingredients, unlike some skin care products on the market today.

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