4 Tips to making your future husband’s wedding ring unique

August 17, 2017 Venoma 0 Comments

You might be thinking of surprising your future husband with a ring that you chose specifically for him. But you know that his taste is not typical. You want something unique and different for your husband but you’re not sure just what to get him.

Worry not, as there are actually so many options for you. Years ago, your options for unique wedding rings might not have been so many, but more and more manufacturers and jewelers have realized there is a need for a more different style other than the usual.

For those who are looking for a not so typical ring for their future spouses, here are some tips that you should follow to be able to buy something that is perfect for your husband-to-be.

1. Match the design with his likes or hobbies – why not look for a design that incorporates some of his favorite things? Does he like sports? Did you know that you can find wedding bands that have football or basketball designs? If he is more the rugged type, there are also rings that look like tree barks, but if that is too informal for you, you can just look for one that has a more distressed texture than the usual ring.

2. Engrave a meaningful message inside the wedding band – wedding rings are very personal and you can make it even more personal by engraving a personal and loving message inside the ring. What makes this unique is that you know that no one else in the world will have the same ring as the message is specifically for him and no one else. You can even turn it into a secret message that only he would understand. Think of it as a secret language between the two of you.

3. Look for a combination of unique materials  - wedding rings do not just have to be made of platinum or gold anymore. There are rings that combine materials that you would not think would look classy but manage to do so. There are rings made from cobalt and wood, and even gold and silver combined with leather. If your husband is not a fan of the classic rings, go for one that combines silver, copper, and brass. They are unique enough but still have an air of elegance which would make it perfect as a wedding band. To get an idea of what your future spouse might like, check out his present collection of jewelry so you’ll know just what he likes to buy.

4. Go for a different color – most wedding rings are either gold or platinum, but if your man does not really like those colors, why not go for a different color? You may opt for brass rings if you want. But if your husband is not a fan of shiny jewelry, you can go for black. It might not seem like the first choice, but they are proving to rise more in popularity. Here are some samples of black stainless steel rings for men. You can check them out and see for yourself if they are perfect for your man.