Your Complete Guide to Metals for Engagement Rings

August 17, 2017 Venoma 0 Comments

Image by slgckgc via Flickr

Are you getting ready to propose to your girlfriend? When selecting an engagement ring, picking a precious metal is often a personal decision.  As you begin, consider her taste and style. Does she prefer classic gold or does she prefer a white-silver colour, more like white gold or platinum? Does she have any metal allergies because if she does, you’ll need to consider metal purity when selecting one.  This guide will help you to compare the most popular precious metals used in engagement rings so see which one best fits her lifestyle.

·         Platinum- Platinum is a rare, precious white metal that is 95 % pure. This makes platinum a popular choice for brides-to-be with skin allergies since this metal is hypoallergenic.  In addition, platinum is known for its durability which means your centre diamond will be protected.   Even if your ring gets scratched, platinum bands don’t use much metal and often develop a satin finish over the years.
·         Palladium- Palladium is also a rare, silvery, white metal, created with 95% purity. It’s resistant to damage and scratches like platinum, and it is actually 12 % harder than platinum.   While you can purchase a palladium band, more jewellery designers are using palladium as one of their natural alloys in white gold.
·         Yellow Gold- Gold is still a traditional option. However, you can’t use 24 carat gold because when it’s 100 % pure, it’s too soft to work with for jewellery.  Typically, most rings are made out of 18K gold, which is 75% pure gold and 25 % alloys.  Gold is more affordable than platinum, and it doesn’t tarnish.
·         White Gold-While some brides-to-be still prefer traditional gold, others prefer white gold, which is gold dipped in rhodium for a silvery finish. However, if you choose white gold, you will have to get your ring re-dipped at least once a year.
·         Rose Gold- Rose gold is pink-tinted gold, which has been combined with copper alloys. The more copper that is in it, the rosier the gold looks. This means it doesn’t work for those with sensitive skin. However, for many others, rose gold has become very trendy, especially in combining metals as the warmer tone looks flattering on most skin tones.

Other Tips for Selecting the Right Precious Metal

Think long-term. She’ll hopefully be wearing this ring for many years to come. While you certainly want to keep trends in mind, sometimes choosing a timeless and elegant look is best. Check the Ringleaders engagement rings in Brisbane to see a variety of elegant rings.
Consider mixing metals.  Pairing yellow good and white gold together gives an extra stunning elegance to an engagement ring.

Contemplate the maintenance of each precious metal. White gold needs to be re-dipped and re-plated at least a few times each year. Yellow gold and platinum rings are easier to care for, however, platinum rings need to be professionally cleaned at least annually.