5 Tips for finding the best jewelry on a budget

February 11, 2018 Venoma 0 Comments

Acquiring a new piece of jewelry is exciting! It always has a divine feeling to it. It can be stressful
sometimes, especially if don’t know what exactly to look out for. Before you go out shopping, be
sure to read these 5 tips that will make your shopping experience stress free. We would want you to
come home happy and relaxed, with a valued keepsake you’ll never want to lose.

  1. The Quality Stamp
This will indicate how fine the metal is that is used. It also highlights its quality. For a piece made in
Europe, the quality stamp also referred to as a hallmark, shows the fineness in the type of metal and
the country where it was manufactured. Jewelry made in the US has a trademark accompanying the
quality stamp. It is usually not conspicuous and will be found in the shank of a ring for example.

  1. The Warranty and return Policy Information.
Be sure to buy from a store with a money-back return policy. It usually takes from two weeks to a
month for you to get a full refund. Confirm that the warranty is valid, especially if you are buying a
highly priced piece. If this is not possible, buy from a retailer or store that will allow you to be
refunded should you change your mind. After all, it is better to be safe than sorry.

  1. The Scratch Test
Did you know that some inexpensive jewelry can look exactly like silver or gold, only to have paint
applied over some inexpensive metal? Be sure to gently scratch over the piece you want to buy, just
to be sure it won’t peel or scratch. While at it, ensure that the metal is not scratched and the gems
are securely mounted in their frame. If possible, ask to scrutinize the piece through the jeweler’s

  1. Compare Prices
Chances are that the jewelry you intend to buy is available in some other store or website cannot be
nil. Do not stick to one store if you intend to save a few coins. If you are in Ohio, this list of best
jewelry stores in Dayton by shopedc.com makes your life easier. Compare prices on the various
stores til you find one that sells at an amount you are comfortable to part with.

  1. Ask for the Lab Report
This is important, especially if you are buying a piece with significant gemstones. Ask for a report
from an independent lab such as the Gemological Institute of America, which grades the stone
based on its value. Exercise caution when shopping in stores offering more than 50 percent
discounts. You might find that this discounted price is actually an average retail price in another
store. It is much safer to be referred by friends and family to a trusted retailer.

Still want to look good without parting with an arm and a leg? Consider purchasing from estate sales.
If you just want to try out a piece for a short while, you could consider a rental subscription service.

Do not purchase a precious jewel only for you to lock it away in your closet til that “special” occasion.
Try it out once in a while, look good and feel good! That’s why you bought it anyway.