5 tips to dressing your son up as a superhero

February 08, 2018 Venoma 0 Comments

Kids, especially boys, adore superheroes and can watch superhero movies all day if granted the
chance. Your child would be ecstatic if you took home a real life hero character for their birthday
party. That would be amazing, right? Before you even contemplate on how much it could cost you to
hire an actor, let's remind you that you'll not be hiring anyone.

Let the kid take up the role of the superhero. Pondering how to pull it off? Here are top five tips for
dressing your son up as a superhero.

1. Buy the superhero costume from a reputable store

It goes without saying that to act like a superhero you need to adorn like one. Figure out your child's
favourite character and buy the appropriate costume from the I Am Superhero store. Superhero
costumes are quite affordable and come in varying shades and colours.

2. Paint your son's face with images of his favourite superhero

It's not feasible for your kid to don face paint every so often, but once in a while take him for a face
painting session to complete his look.

Boys are exceptionally competitive, and your son will be keen on having the upper hand on his
friends. Ensure the face painting job makes it hard for the other kids to tell whether it's your son or a
miniature version of the superhero form a distance.

The aspect of mystery will no doubt make your kid's weekend exciting and memorable.

3. Purchase a costume that fits his body type

Your kid knows the body types of superheroes. For example, your son knows Superman is lean and
well-built. Supposing that you wish to buy the Superman costume and your son is on the plus side,
buy him an outfit made of compression material to aid in giving him the real superman look.

The close resemblance will captivate your son as they'd have conjured an image quite similar to
what he sees on TV.

4.  Seek professional help

To find high-quality superhero costume, seek the advice of an expert. Why you may ask. The
internet is littered with numerous costume experts, but none of whom can match the aptness and
experience of I Am Superhero. Get in touch with them to obtain the best advice possible on
costumes rather than purchase generic costumes that would require replacing every so often.

Cheap is expensive, goes the saying.

5. Seek a kid's help  

Perhaps you've no experience on superhero costumes, but you wish to make an impression on your
son; the solution is simple; ask one of your kid friends to help you out. No matter what you think you
know, kids tend to have better ideas than us in matters superhero.

Seek your kid friend's advice, and you'll most likely get everything right.