Rosegal Makeup Organizer and Led Mirror Review

February 01, 2018 Venoma 0 Comments

Hello my lovelies and welcome to my new post! Today we are checking out together some new makeup related items that I ordered from online store Rosegal lately. We are talking about two items that made my life so much easier lately. You should also check out Rosegal Valentines Day 2018. Scroll down to read more!

First item I ordered from Rosegal is this gorgeous led mirror. It came in a secure box and all the pieces were packed so they couldn't get damaged during shipping. I assembled it myself (and it was easy actually) and it takes 4 additional batteries to make it work. The mirror itself is very sizable and contains a smaller mirror that can be added to it so you can get a 5x larger reflection. 

The light goes on with a switch on the back and touch to the mirror. You can also intensify the light or dim it depending on your need. Light is very white and can be used as light for making selfies as well! You can find this mirror here.

Second item I got from Rosegal is this gorgeous makeup organizer. It has two pieces to it and the upper part can be separated from the two drawers below. On the upper part there is a larger space for powders and bigger products, 6 slots for lipsticks or similar products and 2 wider slots in the back for mascaras and similar products. You can find it here and more makeup organizers here.

Both product arrived to my doorstep within 3 weeks from ordering and were packed in a great way so they weren't damaged. Also the quality of the products is really good, plastic is hard and shiny, mirror lights are really good and I can really recommend these two products to you.

Have you ever ordered from Rosegal my lovelies? Let me know what you think!

Lots of love,