6 Tips For Buying An Engagement Ring That Fits

March 06, 2018 Venoma 0 Comments

Okay, you’ve decided she is the one and the time is right to ask her to marry you. You may even have picked out the ring already and have an ace proposal planned. But, how do you make sure you surprise her with the perfect diamond engagement ring that fits like, well, the perfect diamond engagement ring? Here are some tips to help you find her size.

1.    Talk to a Friend

Talk to her best friend or someone in her family she’s close to. They might have already bought her a ring as a gift in the past or been ring shopping with her. If they don’t know, you can always get them on board to help you to find out so that you can choose from the handmade engagement rings in Sydney that she’ll love.

2.    Borrow Her Ring

If you can, try to get hold of a ring she wears often and quickly head off to a jeweller to get it measured. Remember, it needs to be a ring that fits her properly on her ring finger.

3.    Detective Work

If you can’t get a ring out the house for sizing, you need to play detective to the greatest degree. Either try a ring of hers on your own finger and mark where it falls on your finger and then head off to the jeweller for a size (don’t wash the mark off yet!). Or, make an impression of the ring by pressing it into a bar of soap. It’s all very sneak and very clever.

4.    While She’s Sleeping

While your bride-to-be sleeps, very gently and inconspicuously wrap a piece of string or paper around her ring finger and mark the size on it. You can then take the string or piece of paper with you to the jeweller. This one’s not going to work if she’s a light sleeper, though.

5.    Size Up

Really don’t have a clue about the right size? Fortunately, rings are a lot easier to resize if they’re too big. Most jewellers also offer a free re-sizing service. Just remember that bands with intricate gems or thin bands might not be able to be resized.

6.    Little White Lie

If you’re okay with a little white lie, you could always tell her you want to buy a ring for a family member and get her to try a few on or simply tell you her ring size. Tell her you want an estimate for someone else, and then high-tail it to the jeweller with the size.

These six tips should help you to get a relatively accurate measurement of her ring size and be well on your way to planning the perfect proposal with a perfect fitting diamond engagement ring. Just remember, when in doubt, play it safe and size up, but make sure the ring you choose can be resized later on. Good luck with your ring hunt!