5 Designer jackets that are all the rage in 2018

April 26, 2018 Venoma 0 Comments

You've probably heard the phrase "clothes make the man." While it is true that our attitude and
personality is important, we cannot also deny the fact that the clothes we wear can affect how the
people around us perceive us. If we want to make a good first impression, we actually have to look
impressive. Wearing great clothes not only make people see us in a different light, but we ourselves
become more confident when we know that we look good in what we are wearing.

If you're looking to impress, whether a date or a work colleague, consider investing in any of the
following designer jackets that are sure to be a big hit this 2018.

1. Joseph Ribkoff jackets - if you want to make an impression without having to shell out
thousands of pounds, go ahead and check out Joseph Ribkoff Jackets. Among the designer jackets
on the list, this brand costs the least. But don't think that because it's the cheapest, you're getting a
poor design. For a fraction of the price of other designer brands, you get luxurious pieces that are
very versatile. Whatever occasion you will attend, you can get a unique design that is sure to set the
trend and make an impact on other guests.

2. Balenciaga denim jacket - the denim jacket is a wardrobe essential for those who like to dress
casually. It's the perfect outerwear when the weather is starting to get a little cooler but still not cool
enough for winter wear. What makes Balenciaga's design unique is the layered seams which makes
it different from other brands. You can pair with skinny jeans and a basic white shirt, or even a little
back dress. The denim jacket is one piece of clothing you want to invest in.

3. Loewe Biker Jacket - you will feel very luxurious when you wear this jacket. You might have
thought that a biker jacket is not something you would wear, but this particular one designed by
Spanish brand Loewe elevates the bomber jacket in couture levels.

4. Isabel Marant Plaid Jacket - you're about to make a big presentation at work and you want to be
able to impress your boss and colleagues? Feel confident and beautiful wearing this jacket that
comes in a double-breasted design. You can go for sophisticated and wear it over pastel dresses or
you can opt for a more classic, professional look wearing black pants and silk blouse.

5. Miu Miu satin bomber jacket - are you a fan of the retro look? The Miu Miu bomber jacket is
perfect then. What makes this elevated to designer levels is that it's not your typical bomber jacket
that's padded and made of nylon. This varsity style jacket is made of satin and it even has a cute
flamingo patch on the left chest part. It's perfect to wear for that Saturday afternoon picnic date or
for a bowling outing with your friends.