The Ultimate Treat for You and Your Bearded Man

April 26, 2018 Venoma 0 Comments

Men generally are not beauty-product enthusiasts. How do you get your man to replace the scruffy facial hair with one that has a better, fresher look? Some men believe taking care of facial hair is stressful and costly so they resort to regular shaving. The special man in your life can keep his beard and still look great. All that you need to do is get him a beard-grooming kit. After spending a few weeks grooming the beard, you will marvel at how classy your man will have become. Some of the beard products include;

1.     Beard oil
Beard oil is another vital product for your facial hair. It is a product that can be used by both men who decide to remain clean-shaven, or those who choose to keep and maintain a great looking beard. Its ingredients include carrier oils and essential oils. It ensures a man’s beard stays healthy at all times by softening, hydrating and moisturizing it. When a beard is growing, itching is experienced as a result of hair follicles pushing through the skin and increasing in length. This causes a shortage of the natural oil (sebum). HiLee beard oil chips in as a supplement and aids in reducing itchiness. Beard oil also helps keep beardruff away by hydrating the skin.

2.     Beard balm
A beard balm is usually made from these four ingredients; carrier oils, essential oils, beeswax and butter. It’s one of the products a bearded man should always have in his beard set. It nourishes both the beard and skin underneath through hydration. During the early stages of beard growth, itching is experienced as a result of hair follicles pushing through the skin. Applying beard balm reduces this itchiness and saves your man from discomfort. The balm protects the beard from harmful rays of the sun and also traps moisture between the facial hairs.

3.     Organic beard soap
This product is specifically designed to keep the beard and the skin below it in good shape. When a man showers/washes his hair frequently, it only strips the hair of crucial oils and leaves it dry and scaly. The organic beard soap is made in such a way that when the beard is washed, the natural oils remain intact. It also keeps both the facial hair and the skin moisturized making it smooth and healthier.

4.     Beard shampoo/wash
If you have ever tried touching your man’s beard, you probably noticed the difference between facial and scalp hair. Facial is coarse and requires a specialized shampoo to clean it up. The beard shampoo is vital for a man who cares about his beard. If your man likes to grow his beard, a shampoo offers various benefits. One is that it hydrates both the skin and facial hair. Conventional shampoos only make your beard dry and brittle. Hydration keeps the beard soft and helps prevents conditions such as beardruff. A beard shampoo keeps the skin healthy and protects it from conditions such as inflammations. It also prevents the itchiness that accompanies a growing beard. It is available in different scents, all designed to keep your man’s beard smelling good. Beard Shampoo is the perfect product to gift to your man, setting him on the right path of properly looking after his beloved beard. 

5.     Beard comb and Beard Brush
These two products have nearly the same functions. A beard comb, especially a wooden one, is important for your beard. There are various reasons as to why experts advise men to use a handcrafted wooden comb. One is its wide teeth which make combing easier and ensures that beard oil and balm is spread evenly to all areas. It is also durable and stays for a long time if well taken care of. On the other hand, a beard brush is usually made of animal hair (boar or horse). The brush is helps remove debris/dirt and contaminants which accumulate between the facial hairs during the day. A beard brush is also instrumental in straightening out and lining the beard.
All these beard products are designed to perform one function: give the bearded man in your life a great look. Unlike women, men aren’t so much into beauty products. The reality is that so many things in life nowadays depend on the impression an individual gives. One of the features people look at when they meet a man is the beard. It is therefore important that your man maintains a healthy beard.