5 Tips to wearing the latest trends in gothic style

There a lot of fashion trends in the industry for both men and women which are constantly changing.
It is fun and exciting to go along with the trends and try different looks.  Some people experiment a
little more than others and wear the latest trends in gothic style. For ideas on the gothic style, The Black Ravens can help you out. Below are also a few tips that can get you started.

1.    Incorporate leather

Leather is a classic material that has always been used in gothic style. It is bold and boosts an
individual’s confidence when incorporated into your everyday outfit. Try investing in a piece such as
a leather jacket or pants which often give a sassy, cool look. Do not overdo it though, always
remember to keep it minimal. You may achieve this by pairing your leather pants with a white or
black chiffon blouse for a clean, finished look. Apart from the clothing, you may also try some
knee-high leather boots and pair them with a short black skirt to achieve a playful and dramatic

2.    Black lace

Lace has become quite popular of late and many women are embracing it in their outfits. Lace is
light and has a feminine, delicate, touch to it. It is flirty and playful, almost like a tease. Many outfits
are done in coloured lace, which includes soft hues of pink and blue, just to name a few. To be a
little bolder and adventurous, try black lace. It will enable you to keep up with the lace trend but in
a gothic style which will definitely get you the right kind of attention.

3.    Fishnets

To add a gothic touch to any of your outfits, try fishnets. Fishnets are stockings that have a
mesh-like appearance. Black fishnet stockings can be paired with skirts or short dresses,
accompanied with some heels or platforms if you wish to push the gothic look a little further.
These fishnets can also be worn under ripped jeans which will create a flirty, stylish look.

4.    Accessories

If you do not wish to change your look but you would still like to incorporate the gothic style in your outfits, then try accessories. There is a wide range of accessories to choose from, be it rings, bracelets, necklaces, and so many more. Remember to pick items with studs and spikes since they are quite goth. For instance, pick watches with leather wristbands embellished with silver studs. Such accessories will overall complement your outfit and create a stylish goth look.

5.    Makeup

For whatever fashion trend you may be following, be it ripped jeans or off-shoulder tops, one may add the gothic touch using makeup. Smokey eyes and using eyeliner will really go a long way in creating a goth appearance. Moreover, black lipstick and nail polish will also achieve the same effect. If you are feeling a little daring you may also include some facial jewellery such as nose rings. Makeup can be a really bold statement and will help you acquire the look you desire.

Chamaripa Best Elevator Shoes

Hello my beloved fashionistas and welcome to my new blog post! I hope you're having a beautiful summer day! As you all grasp, the blog section regarding shoes online shopping, shoes fashion tendencies, trends and a lot more deserves a legitimate update. Let's get to the subject of today's post that i'm sure you fashion and shoes lovers will get pleasure from, soon as this sort of footwear that we'll be talking about isn't one thing I wrote to you about before. Today we will chat about how you can get Sylvester Stallone height! Thus I hope you will enjoy reading this post, I also hope you find it useful and in fact share it with others who may find this subject helpful.

Today we'll be talking about fashion and styling innovation called height increasing shoes. I recently discovered Chamaripa shoes, a web store where you'll be able to browse, look and find all necessary data regarding this sort of footwear. We all know that everyone wants to look higher while remaining comfortable in their shoes. These amazing shoes will assist you achieve simply that - five to thirteen cm of height instantly.

Some of the samples of the footwear I mentioned you'll be able to see on the photos in this post. As you'll be able to see, their height increasing shoes are looking on the outside just like your casual shoes.

One more thing I wished to say regarding Chamaripa shoes and on-line store is that you just must always check for their special offers. Every now and then you can find a promotion and acquire your elevator shoes at the most reasonable value.

Black Height Increasing Men Shoes For Height Occident Dress Elevator Shoes Taller 8cm/3.15 Inch

What do you think about this idea my lovelies? Did you ever tried on elevator shoes like these? If not, would you think about checking them out in the future? Be at liberty to share your thoughts and former experiences!

Until my next post,

Rubies or Diamonds: A Cut Above the Rest

Image by Peter-Lomas via Pixabay

Rare Rocks

There are many things that should be considered by someone looking to purchase jewellery using a gemstone as part of its design. But although some purchasers of jewellery, either for themselves or a loved one, will be quite knowledgeable about the differences in precious stones, many others will struggle with such decision making. However, anyone who needs to learn about the major differences between diamonds and rubies should take the time to look online for websites with articles about these popular gemstones.

Apart from the way in which the stone has been cut, the type of inclusion in the gem can positively affect the value of both a diamond and a ruby, even though an inclusion could be classed as an impurity. One reason why wholesale diamonds from Sydney jewellers with inclusions can be appealing to many buyers of gemstones is that they are much more rare than rocks that are free of any materials trapped inside at the time of forming. Ruby stone lovers who enjoy explaining why they prefer this type of precious stone over the diamond are likely to say that they are attracted to the colour. However, even though ruby buyers find the colour red appealing, there are a few variations of this colour found in these stones -- the finest of rubies consisting of a pure vibrant red or even a slightly purplish tint.

Seeing Red

Although colour does play a major part in the popularity of the different varieties of these gemstones, some purchasers of red rocks for rings or other jewellery are more interested in how it has been cut. Of course, when considering how rubies can be far more sparkling depending on the kind of cut they have had, we can also think of how darker coloured stones may be avoided due to being less bright when light is reflected off them.

Similarly, the less colour in a diamond, the more in demand it is going to be, especially diamonds that have the more sought-after cut such as the round brilliant, emerald cut or cushion cut. Australians who contact reliable jewellers in order to learn more about the differences between diamond and ruby stones would be wise to ask one of the highly-experienced staff there. By becoming more knowledgeable about various aspects of these precious stones, purchasers of such gems as part of a jewellery item should be able to avoid making a mistake in the product they eventually settle for. One thing that buyers of diamonds or rubies will do if they cannot get the colour red out of their mind is look at the differences between rubies and red diamonds.

Some of the more noticeable differences between these two types of gems are shown here:

1. Rubies have a much larger colour spectrum
2. Red diamonds tend to be richer in colour
3. Rubies are more prone to have imperfections
4. Red diamonds are extremely rare
5. The ruby is more versatile in its potential cuts
6. The red diamond has a limited colour range

Personal Choice

With all things considered in the differences between diamonds and rubies, the choices shoppers of precious stones will make usually comes down to personal preferences. Indeed, although there may be some purchasers of gemstones who do not really mind whether they wear a red ruby or red diamond, some people have other ideas. Of course, it is up to guys planning to surprise their long-term lover by getting down on one knee to make sure their girl is not let down by the choice they make when buying either a ruby or diamond wedding ring.

Yellow with Ruffles

Hello my darlings! How was your weekend? I had a great week and I'm looking forward to August in every way because it's my birthday month! Also my blog turned 9 years few days ago and if you are into giveaways, you should check out my Instagram. I hope you enjoy this week's outfit!

Curls/Hair done by Ugljessa

I am wearing:

Sunnies: Emblem Eyewear
Blouse: SheIn
Skirt: Metisu
Shoes: Bata

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Sunglasses Favorites by Emblem Eyewear

Hello my lovelies and welcome to my new post! I am very happy to share with you some of my summer essentials when it comes to eye-wear. Trends when it comes to sunglasses are also changing, so I always try to keep up with the latest designs from my favorite sunglasses brand, Emblem Eyewear. I am here today to share with you my summer favorites!

First of them are these super trendy cat eye mirrored flat lenses aviator sunglasses metal frame womens shades that I wore so many times I am sure you've notices them on my instagram. This is a perfect choice for the beach, for vacation or going to town, they are the trendiest item i own right now.

My second favorite pair of sunglasses for the summer are these classic half frame vintage inspired horned rim sunglasses that I am rocking in one of the outfits you will soon get to see. These sunglasses have an adorable classic vintage vibe. They are easy to wear with many outfits on daily basis. If you are a fan of these prints and half frames, these are the ones for you.

Last but not least, I am a sucker for a hippie vibe. These indie palm tree gradient lens round hippie sunglasses are so chic and I am in love with the palm details on the side! Round shape adds the edge to any outfit you are wearing these sunnies with.

That is all for today my lovelies! What are your favorites from Emblem Eyewear? Do you like what I picked out? What kind of sunnies are you wearing this summer? Let me know!

Lots of love,