How to choose a engagement ring wisely

September 04, 2018 Venoma 0 Comments

With the cost of things getting expensive day-by-day the value for money is deteriorating rapidly. But diamonds are one of those things which have always been considered to be invaluable, especially Rose Gold Moissanite Engagement Rings.

When it comes to buying an diamond ring the level of apprehension is also as high as the level of excitement. This is mainly because of our lack of knowledge about diamond rings. Though some of us have heard terms about diamonds such as cut, clarity, color, carat etc, very few understand the whole meaning of these words. But understanding these terms are very essential in knowing the quality of the diamond used that too when it is used for something as special as a diamond wedding ring.

The cut of a loose diamond is a very important criterion to consider when buying wedding bands for women. Each loose diamond is cut in a unique way, even before cutting a raw diamond is unique by itself. The main task of diamond cutter is to design the diamond in such a way that the spectroscopy of the gem is kept intact and the way it is cut also should enhance its shine to greater levels. It depends on the shallowness or the depth of the cut being made on the diamond which determines the design on the diamond. The design of the cut varies and it is wide spread such as princess, marquis, heart shaped, square cut, and others.

The overall weight and mass of the loose diamonds refined for making a wedding ring draws the characteristic of a diamond’s carat. The aspect the gem cutters try to maintain even as they sharpen the gem for shining it is to maintain its original mass and size. Clarity and color though attribute to the look of the stone they mean very different things when considered to reveal the look of the stone. Clarity mostly defines the small definitions and marks in and on the stone which are present naturally and obtained during the process of cutting and shining.

Whereas the color of the stone is the light it reflects due to the chemical impurities it consists of and due to other features. This should not be confused with the clarity of the diamond as the clarity suggests the presence of particles dark and small, breaks and splits so minute that they can be viewed completely only through a microscope. Clarity may also suggest artificial marks caused on a diamond during the process of cutting and shining. Clarity also determines the presence of color in a stone and the absence of it too.

Cut, Carat, Clarity and Color are the four basic traits of a diamond which are considered for grading it. The best quality obtained from these four traits are then considered and graded according to the market standards and in this way the diamond is certified too. This certificate determines the quality of the diamond. So these are the basic aspects and specifications of a diamond wedding ring which have to be considered before deciding on one of the most important items of one’s life.