5 Tips to Dressing Like a Doctor

September 04, 2018 Venoma 0 Comments

If you are a trained medical doctor, you have to dress like a real professional. Although most health
facilities don’t follow dress codes strictly, it’s important you work hard towards creating a positive
image. In fact, research has proved that patients are weary of doctors that dress in ordinary clothes.
This is because people perceive a career in medicine to be a preserve for people who are very
serious in life. The problem with most doctors is that they are so tied up to an extent of not having
time to upgrade their wardrobes. The tips below can help you in dressing like a professional doctor.
1. Wear Matching Clothes
It’s said that people address you according to how you are dressed. It’s difficult for patients to
address you as a doctor when you look like another patient. When you dress the part, you won’t
have to remind people all the time that you are the doctor in charge. To avoid being mistaken with
other people, it’s advisable you wear a suit. If you don’t have a suit, you can opt for a T-shirt that has
a V shaped neck and a matching pair of trousers.
2. Avoid Oversize Clothes
This one goes without saying. Wearing clothes that are oversize is a huge mistake. Any doctor who
has served for many years will tell you that wearing oversize clothes works against you. This is
because an aggressive patient might decide to unleash the wrath of his pain on you. The problem is
that such incidences happen so fast without a warning and before you know it, you could be left with
tattered clothes after trying to restrain a patient who’s not willing to corporate. Moreover oversize
clothes make you look you are malnourished. For the sake of maintaining your image and being on
the safe side, you should wear clothes that are fitting.
3. Wear a Lab Coat
A doctor doesn’t seem like he is ready to see patients when he is not in a lab coat. In case
Mobb Lab Coats are designed to prevent your expensive suit from being stained by the medicine
that you handle from time to time. As a doctor, you are likely to get dirty as you examine patients. But with a lab coat, your clothes will remain clean throughout the day. In addition to that, a lab coat
is main attire that’s used by patients to identify doctors in a health facility. And that’s not all. The
coat provides storage for keeping small items such as thermometer, gloves, pen and a notebook.
4. Carry a Stethoscope
Some patients don’t have an idea what a stethoscope is used for. Regardless of that, you should
always wear it around your neck because it’s one of those things that enhance on your authority.
This should be complemented with hair that is nicely combed. If you have long hair, you should
consider tying it back. Your shoes should also be clean and polished.
5. Limit the Use of Makeup and Jewelry
As a doctor, it’s advisable that you avoid wearing too much makeup and jewelry when you are on
call. Nobody wants to be attended by a doctor that looks like a rockstar. If you must wear cologne,
make sure it’s mild to avoid irritating your patients. The best cologne is one that can only be noticed
by someone who is too close to you. You should also avoid wearing a cap or hat because it makes
you look like you are hiding something.