I got that sunshine in my pocket..

November 26, 2018 Venoma 1 Comments

Hello my darlings and welcome to my new post! I was so happy to shoot this on a sunny day before the whole ''it's REAL fall now and it rains every day'' thing has even started. Honestly, if I could live somewhere with no rain and no snow, only ideal 25'C outside at all times, I most definitely would! I hope you are having a good one and that you will enjoy this funky little outfit post!

I am wearing:
Earrings: Dresslily 
Shirt: Popreal 
Skirt and Jacket: Metisu
Bag: Dresslily 
Heels: Bata

Hairstyle: Ugljessa

What do you think babes? Let me know!

Lots of love,

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