4 Ways That Printed T-Shirts Are All the Rage

November 26, 2018 Venoma 0 Comments

Every fashion house is trying to grab a piece at this new explosion of printed T-shirts. The demand
for printed t-shirts is on the rise and so everyone in the industry wants to own it by making unique
designs. Most of the world's population is made up of youths. This is a generation that wants to stay
hip and fashionable. Taking a glimpse of the major strides the fashion industry has made, one would
be amazed by how fast fashion trends are fading. It doesn't take long before new fashion trends
made. Stiff completion, technology, and the great young talents to explore new tastes may be the
driving force towards this. Let's look at four Ways that printed t-shirts are all the rage.

1. The Young Generation
We cannot negate the fact that the younger (Z) generation is making up almost a third of the world's
population. For this, you'd expect the fashion industry to favor them. The young generation is out for
the latest trends. Printed t-shirts go well with almost anything. From jeans to trainer or plimsoll shoes
and shorts, printed tees are easy fits to remain casual yet hip and cool. This is all the young
generation is looking for, to make a fashion statement that is worth it.

2. Stylish and Comfortable Designs
Style and comfort are always key when it comes to clothing and dressing. We all also want to look
good in what we wear. This brings the need to design clothes that fit, are comfortable, and are also
up-to-date fashion-wise. Printed t-shirts can now be found in all sizes, colors, and designs. When it
comes to the printed t-shirts designs, it really depends on the technology and methods used to make
them. Designs may range from Halloween printed t-shirts, Christmas, and those for special

3. Technology
Technology has really made an impact in the fashion industry, more so in the line of printed t-shirts.
We have really come a long way comparing to how clothes were made back in the day. The process
was slow and cumbersome. There’s a big difference in both the technique and methods used
nowadays. With new methods like DTG printing, that use inkjet technology, creating t-shirts with high
qualities of full color and photographic prints is a walk in the park. Actually, with this method, you'll
easily make your t-shirts at home. All you'll need is a DTG printing machine, ink, and some pattern

4. Universally Accepted
T-shirts are an iconic piece of clothing that you’ll find in almost everyone's closet. They are the staple
clothing for us all. We jog in them, sleep in them, work, cook, but not marry in them (npa). It's
actually unimaginable to imagine life without t-shirts. Of the kinds of tees out there, printed ones are
the most favored.

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