How To Boost Your Self Confidence By Everyday Activities

April 13, 2019 Venoma 0 Comments

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Sooner or later it happens to all of us. We find ourselves in a new situation where all eyes are on us, and we are not really sure of our next step. Sometimes life hands us the unexpected. Maybe your job was outsourced or our your personal life has been hit by a life-altering event. Whatever it is, your confidence is rocked and you need to rebuild it quickly.

Below you will find some easy tips to allow you to grow your self-esteem while appearing to be the confident and talented person that you know you are.
Confidence boost for work
This is a time where you fake it until you make it. You do not have to let anyone know you are struggling. You may not be ready to take the lead, but you can certainly appear to be capable of anything that comes your way.

  • Dress the part
You have heard it all before. Dress for success. Experts agree that self-confidence is key, and how you package yourself sends a message. It is important to note that dressing correctly does not mean the same thing in every situation. If you work with a client that promotes business-casual attire in his workplace, you should dress likewise. Showing up in a power suit may make him feel uncomfortable. Dress correctly and impeccable.  
  • Body language
Improve your body language. You want to be seen as confident, but approachable. Things to watch include:
·        Stand up straight
·        Make eye contact with those you speak with
·        Cross your arms        
o   Yes, we are told that crossing our arms makes us appear closed minded. However, if your crossed arms come with a spirit of helpfulness, they communicate the resolve to handle any problem.
·        Be in good company
o   Do not socialize with complainers, negative people, or gossips. You will be judged by the company you keep.
·        Burn off anxiety
o   This is not about weight, it is about self-esteem. Exercise is the best way to release stress in your body. Take a couple of 15-minute power walks each day. Do a home exercise, or exercise in park or in the early morning. Push your stress out by fitness and make you more confident with stronger body.
·        Hydrate
o   Your body needs water to function. When you do not get enough water to drink you will feel sluggish. You may have stomach problems. A headache and nausea are symptoms of being dehydrated. Combine a couple of bottles of water with your mini-power walks and you will see an immediate improvement.
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Identify the problem
Why are you feeling down on yourself? Are you grieving or concerned about your children? Do you feel inadequate in your abilities to parent? You need to identify the problem area so you can focus your energy on that part of your life. If you feel your skills are not up to par, take some classes to bring you up to speed. If your child is causing you to second guess your parenting skills, speak to his school counselor or a trusted friend, and figure out how you can help him. Only after identifying the issue, can you solve it.

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Adopt multiple personalities
Your self-confidence matters in all walks of life. But building it requires different methods based on the personality you are using at the moment. The fact is, most of us are business-people, parents, friends, and lovers. The personality we use is the one we need at the moment.  When you are with your life partner, it is okay to be playful and loving. That does not mean you do not care about the problem area in your life. Buy lingerie or sexy costumes and more to enhance your personal life. When you are happier at home, you will feel validated in all areas.

Encourage yourself. Surround yourself with people who care about you. Remind yourself that this moment in life will pass. You are worth the effort and you will be better off in the long-run. No one can stop you when you focus. So, get out there and live your life.