Latest Trends in Wedding Dress Industry

April 12, 2019 Venoma 0 Comments

The summer wedding season is approaching and brides are looking for the latest trends. Like the
fashion industry, the wedding industry is dictated by changing trends. If you plan to walk down the
aisle soon, here are some wedding trends that you should consider:

Colorful Fabrics and Velvet

Just as velvet was trendy in the past year, it will continue to be trendy in 2019. This luxuriously soft
fabric is now essential at any wedding. When it comes to wedding decorations, velvet is a great
addition. For instance, you can use velvet tablecloths to introduce some elegance and opulence to
your wedding. You can also use velvet accessories such as bowties, ribbons, and bridal clutches.

You should also go for vivid colors when choosing table linens. Of course, white tablecloths are
timeless but it cannot hurt to infuse some color into your wedding d├ęcor.

Old Wedding Dress Styles Making a Comeback

From daring geometric patterns and puffy sleeves to clean lines and feminine bows, the current
wedding trends are for everyone. For instance, if you are looking for plus size bridesmaid dresses,
you can opt for a simple but elegant piece. Inspired by the royal wedding, most brides are opting for
bridal gowns with simple yet chic designs.

The Bridal Fashion Show in NYC featured wedding gowns with glitter and glam. This means that
most brides will be opting for glittery wedding dresses.

Wedding Decorations

This year, the wedding colors are more vibrant than ever. Although delicate pastel shades such as
creams and light pink will never go out of style, people are opting for brighter colors. One of the
trendy colors for 2019 is coral red, which goes well with most colors.

Apart from coral red, you can also choose rusty orange and mustard yellow. Other hues such as
emerald green and deep burgundy will always find their way into wedding decorations and
stationery. When it comes to metallic accents, gold and classic silver are taking the lead, leaving
copper and rose gold behind.

Personalization and Minimalist Styles

In 2019, people are finally deciding to personalize their weddings with creative and unique ideas.
You can choose to personalize every aspect of your wedding from decorations to food.
Personalization is going to be a signature element during this wedding season.

Simple, elegant, and timeless are some of the characteristics that define the minimalistic wedding
trend. This trend, which has been fashionable in interior design over the past few years, has finally
made it into weddings. Minimalistic styles and personalization can be used in every aspect of the
wedding from the stationery to venue.

Signature Cocktails and Individual Food Stations

You could personalize your wedding dinner to make it unique. The recent hype about candy bars is
slowly ending. More and more couples are choosing foods that suit their personal tastes and

Having drink bars such as whiskey and gin bars allows you to set your individual accents. If you
want to promote communication at your wedding, you should opt for individual food stations such as
self-made pizza stations and taco trucks.

Wedding Stationery

You should incorporate some individual elements in your wedding stationery. For instance, you can
put a personal stamp on your wedding using monogram wax seals. Wedding invitations are also
getting less formal. For instance, you can tie your wedding invitations with good quality silk ribbons.


Are you planning to wed in 2019? You should follow these trends. As you can see, wedding trends
are now evolving to more personalized styles. If you do not want to plan your wedding alone, you
should consider hiring a wedding planner.