5 Popular Types of Hair Extensions Celebrities Love to Wear

January 19, 2021 Venoma 0 Comments

If you’ve found yourself longing for full, long hair, your days of wishing can be left behind thanks to human hair extensions. With these beauty enhancers, you can create any look you want with little hassle and in no time at all.

From long curls pulled up into a messy bun on top of your head to braids pulled back or framing your face, hair extensions open up a world of opportunities and allow you to experiment with new looks while having some fun. Lacking the inspiration and not sure what extensions to try out first? Consider looking to the stars to see what styles they’ve been creating recently. Here are five popular types of hair extensions that celebrities are rocking.

  1. Chrissy Teigen - Clip-In Extensions

Image Source - https://www.instagram.com/chrissyteigen/

In the public eye lately due to her heartbreaking pregnancy loss, Chrissy Teigen still manages to look incredible with her clip-in hair extensions. She has never been one to hide her love of hair extensions, sharing with her fans through Snapchat and encouraging women to own their hair extensions. Even her hubby is on board, with a hilarious photo on Instagram where John Legend dons his wife’s hair extensions and shares them with the world. We couldn’t love this couple more!

Let’s face it, this shows just how easy the clip-in extensions are to use—even husbands can use them! You can pop in these hair extensions for day-to-day wear, giving you the freedom to choose how to style your hair. With a little practise, you will be able to add them with your eyes closed, to achieve that sought-after length whenever you choose.

  1. Kim Kardashian West - Halo Hair Extensions

Here is a name that is constantly popping up in celebrity news, but not necessarily someone you would think is sporting hair extensions. In fact, Kim Kardashian frequently switches between wigs and hair extensions, depending on the day. Underneath it all, she has very short hair, which she once showed off in her Instagram stories.

Image Source - https://www.instagram.com/kimkardashian/

Halo hair extensions are some of the easiest to pop in. The Zala halo hair extensions are a new type of extensions method, which can be done each and every day. They sit gently on your head and are secured with a thin, invisible wire. You can simply pop them in, or take them out as you choose.

  1. Beyonce - Glued Hair Extensions

Image Source - Vogue.it

Of course, not all celebs are going for the temporary look. Beyonce has gone a step further, adding glue-in hair extensions to her collection of frontals and wigs to change up her look from time to time. The great thing about the glue-in extensions is that they only last a few days - so nothing too permanent. But unlike the clip-in extensions, they can be left in your hair overnight, so you can wake up with long, amazing locks ready to style in the morning. They are a cheaper option compared to sew-in or tape-in extensions, and are very easy to use. You can also take them out early if you choose, so you have plenty of freedom.

  1. Keke Palmer - Sew-In Hair Extensions

Keke Palmer is one of those celebs you want to keep an eye on, as she always seems to flaunt the latest look and keep up with all the trends when it comes to hairstyles. She chooses the easy option of just having them sewn in. This is when they are applied by weaving the natural hair into cornrows or small braids, before using a needle and thread to sew the weave into the braid or cornrows. These hair extensions last much longer, and you can enjoy them for six to eight weeks before needing to change it up. It means you can wake up each day with long, thick hair ready to be styled. It’s no surprise these are a popular choice for many celebrities who lead busy lives!

  1. Nicki Minaj - Wigs

Image Source - https://twitter.com/TeamMinajArmyPH/

Of course, you could just skip the hair extensions altogether and opt for a wig. Celebrities like Nicki Minaj love donning a number of different wigs, and it’s easy to see why. You can change your look dramatically with very minimal effort. In fact, you can even purchase hair extensions for everyday wear and then have a custom wig made for special occasions. It’s all about thinking outside the box and finding the look that works for you.