Inside a Male's Mind: What Female Facial Features Are Perceived to Be the Most Attractive?

January 22, 2021 Venoma 0 Comments

Many people go through life never questioning what makes women attractive to men. People just assume that women are either pretty or not pretty and never question if there's some science involved. Here are four facial features that are perceived as being the most attractive to men, according to science.

Four Facial Features Men Find Attractive

While genetics determine how a person's face will look, there's also some science behind what makes a person attractive or unattractive. There is a reason that most men can agree on if a woman is hot or not. Studies have found four factors that humans use to determine if a woman is pretty or not. Women who want to feel more attractive can search for Fillers Near Me and get a little beauty help from a professional.

A doctor, plastic surgeon, or aesthetician will understand the science of what makes a woman beautiful and will aim to fulfill those four scientific factors. Many scientific studies have been done to determine these factors. These factors are as follows:

·         Facial fluctuating asymmetry

·         Facial averageness

·         Facial dimorphism

·         Facial maturity

A Deeper Look at the Four Features of Beauty

Likely, most people have not heard these terms before, as these terms aren't used in everyday conversation. Here's a deeper look into what these terms mean and a break down of each. Doctors, plastic surgeons, and aestheticians take the following into account when helping a woman decide which services would give her the biggest bang for her beauty buck.

When it comes to facial fluctuating asymmetry, this applies to the symmetry of a woman's face. This means that men find women attractive who has a face that looks the exact same on both the right side and the left side. Having a lip, an eye, or a nose slightly thinner or shorter on one side can mean that men won't find the woman as attractive as they would if the two sides of her face were perfectly the same.

When it comes to facial attractiveness, studies have shown that men prefer facial averageness. This means that men are likely to prefer a woman with "girl next door" features. If a woman has sharp or unique features, men may find them as beautiful as a woman with a typical or familiar face.

What does facial dimorphism mean? This term applies to classic feminine features. According to science, men find women with classic feminine features to be more attractive than those with masculine features. Examples of attractive features include full lips, high eyebrows, and round cheeks.

The last facial feature that men use to determine the attractiveness of women is facial maturity. This means that men take into account the youthfulness of a woman's skin to determine if she is attractive or not. Science claims that men consider youthful, bright, smooth, and healthy-looking skin as more beautiful than mature, bumpy, or dull skin.

In conclusion, science has a lot to do in determining the beauty of a woman, as perceived by men. Science claims that men prefer women whose features are identical on both sides of their face and women with familiar features. Men also consider women more beautiful when their looks are classically feminine and when they have healthy youthful skin.