Look of the day: Body electric

Hey dearies! I'm sorry the usual Monday outfit post is late this week - I had an absolutely insane weekend! ^^ I am completely enjoying myself right now - weather outside is great, I have a lot of spare time to do all the things I couldn't during this year and I am not wasting a minute of it! It's true that the time goes faster the older you get... 

I'm happy to tell you that at this point, everything in my life is set right where I want it to be and I am really happy. I am planning on visiting three new countries by the end of the year. My brother got engaged last week and my sister is getting a baby somewhere around my own birthday. Right now, life looks really beautiful and I hope it'll stay like that as long as it can. Enjoy the post!

 I am wearing:
Dress: custom made
Ring: Chicnova
Skirt: Jane doe vintage shop
Shoes: Code
Bracelets: Accessorize and co.

Please share your thoughts lovelies! I know I jump a lot from vintage/elegant/lady-like to heavy/hipster/rock-like styles, but I dress the way I feel or for the occasion and I want to share it all with you! ^^

Love you,

Look of the day: I'm chillin'

Happy Friday everyone! It's not like I have too many obligations these days, I am just always happy to get together with my friends who work regular hours during the week, and then their happiness about Friday transfers to me! ^^ I'm planning on some swimming and dance trainings for the weekend (finally!). If I go out too, I'll probably drop dead on Monday, but that's just the way I love to live my life. :D I hope you are doing good and making some plans for the summer? Or you are already reading this from a sea shore? Let me know! :)

When it comes to fashion part of today's post, I got something causal but cool prepared for you today. Yes, it's an ''all black'' outfit: I combined Nowistyle blouse with  Chicnova ripped leggings and classic sneakers, all spiced up with mirrored sunnies and golden details like my new ear cuff. Enjoy the post!

I am wearing:

Sunnies: no name
Shirt: Nowistyle
Belt: NewYorker
Sneakers:  Chicnova 
Leggings: Chicnova 

Feel free to share your thoughts in comments :)

Love you,

Look of the day: One more time

Hello lovelies! Happy Wednesday! I'm on my way to see some very dear people today, so I will keep it short: it's pretty hot outside, and this is the outfit I picked for the day! I comibned beautiful Chicnova lace shorts withcat shirt. My favorite detail today are my new blue earrings! And I am also in love with mirrored sunnies this season - they are not only super trendy, but they also block the sun from coming into your eyes far better than most other sunnies! Enjoy the photos lovelies!

P.S. I'm glad you liked the post about Timisoara. I will be doing some more travelling through Europe this year and I'll make sure to make you guys a post for every place I visit! ;)

I am wearing:

Shirt: Nowistyle
Shorts: Chicnova 
Sunnies and bracelets: no name
Shoes: Ahaishopping
Bag: Rock with u

Please share your thoughts in comments, you know I love to read them! :)
Love you,

Temišvar u slikama

Hey guys! I got something special for you today: bunch of pretty photos taken in Timisoara Romania this weekend! We had a lot of fun and saw everything there is to be seen in Timisoara - I personally love Brasov a lot more, but this one is nice too. We also visited huge (and by huge I mean huge) Iulius shopping mall. We did some shopping, but we did way more coffee drinking at Starbucks, eating Subway sandwiches and chilling at the roof of the mall. Romanians are really nice and polite people, tho prices are pretty much equal to those in Serbia. If you ever find yourself in this part of Europe wanting to do some shopping, you should visit Iulius! 


Zdravo dragi moji! Danas sam vam pripremila nešto posebno: brdo slika napravljenih u Temišvaru (Rumunija) ovog vikenda! Obišli smo ga i videli sve što ima da se vidi u njemu - meni se lično više dopada Brašov, taj grad mi je kao nacrtan u nekom crtanom filmu, ali ni Temišvar nije loš. Posetili smo i ogroman (zaista ogroman) shopping mall Iulius gde smo malo šopingovali, a malo više pili kafu u Starbucks-u, jeli Subway sendviče i sunčali se na krovu uz sladoled. Rumuni su vrlo ljubazni, a cene su slične kao kod nas, možda za nijansu manje. U svakom slučaju, mesto je dušu dalo za šoping i uživanje. Uživajte u fotkama!

I hope you enjoyed the photos. I'll be back soon with some new outfit posts!

Love you