Emblem Eyewear Sunglasses Review

Hi fashionistas! I had a lot of fun exploring new sunglasses trends for upcoming spring/summer 2016 and I found everything I was searching for at Emblem EyewearEmblem Eyewear is a store always taking care of having the trendiest eyewear both when it comes to sunglasses and regular glasses!

Womens Trendy Retro Unique Cat Eye Sunglasses
A beautiful black-pink pair with stripes was one of my first picks. It just makes me feel super special!

Retro Fashion Half Frame Flash Mirror Clubmaster Wayfarer Sunglasses
Second pair was a pair of mirrrored sunglasses with the trendiest design. You will be seeing it around in my outfit posts, so stay tuned about it!

Cute Tortoise Brown Oversize Cat Eye Sunglasses
And the third addition to my Emblem Eyewear picks is a leopard print pair that will fit perfectly into my everyday life. I am wearing them around whole week!

I hope you liked my picks lovelies! I am very satisfied with the quality and fast delivery. This is my second review of their eyewear and I must admit that the old set of sunnies has also proven to be high quality and long lasting. If you are interesting in finding something similar for yourself, you can see more at Emblem Eyewear. Share your thoughts!

Lots of love,

TokyoTreat Unboxing

Hello my lovelies! I am so happy to have something different for you today! I teamed up with an amazing team of people from Japan that stand behind Tokyo Treat! It is the most amazing idea ever! 
Every month, they make a selection of Japanese candy and snacks and ship it to people worldwide that are hungry for a bit of Japan! And by hungry, I mean literally hungry. This box is full with variety of snacks and candy that can keep you entertained for days!

I got my hands on December's edition of Tokyo Treat that was also a special Pokemon edition! I watched that show when I was younger as I bet so many of you did, and this was a beautiful reminder of my childhood. I have enjoyed the snacks and gave the toys to a cousin who will probably love me forever because of this.

There are three boxes of Tokyo Treat you can choose from: small, medium and large, to your liking. They differ in price and the amount of snacks. Honestly, if you are as crazy about Japan as I am, you should head for the big pack right away - it will not disappoint you!

Another great thing is that Tokyo Treat offers free shipping worldwide. Which means the surprise box of your Japanese snacks and candies arrives right to your doorstep! My box took a month to arrive, but it was perfectly sealed and no items were damaged in the process.

My personal favorites were ice cream flavoured candy corn, all biscuits and Pocky sticks! My boyfriend on the other hand, enjoyed all the spicy flips and chips, he almost didn't even want to let me try them, that is how fast he ate them!

Also a premium pack, one that I received, every month has one special DIY candy and a refreshing drink. My package had two DIY snacks but I believe we were so excited about them that we didn't quite follow the instructions... But it was a lot of fun!

I didn't have this much fun with a package for ages. Tokyo Treat was such a great experience! I hope you can share your thoughts with me on this adorable concept and your experience with foreign candy! I can't wait to read it!



Hi dolls! Welcome to my new outfit post! I am already in a spring mood, looking forward to upcoming trends! Straight from Lookbookstore, I got two trendiest pieces, a bodysuit and a jacket that I paired today and I simply adore. I matched them with some old and some new stuff I've been wearing around these days. They make a perfect casual between winter and spring outfit. I hope you'll enjoy it!


Zdravo dragi moji! Pred vama je novi outfit post! Već sam u prolećnom raspoloženju i radujem se trendovima koji dolaze. Pravo iz Lookbookstore radnje stižu dva super trendi komada koja ću vam pokazati danas: bogi i jakna koje prosto obožavam! Ukombinovala sam ih sa nekoliko stvarčica koje nosim ovih dana u casual varijantama. Ovo je savršen outfit za prelazni period između zime i proleća. Nadam se da će vam se dopasti!

I am wearing:

Hat: Lovelywholesale
Jacket: Lookbookstore 
Bodysuit: Lookbookstore 
Bracelet: Soufeel   Jeans: Newyorker
 Watch: Daniel Wellington

Let me know what you think!

Lots of love,

Personal Stylist App: Cluise

How many times you stood in front of your wardrobe and wondered the ultimate question ''what should I wear today''? Finally the modern technology is able to help us get easier answer to that question. Recently I found an app called Cluise that made my life and answering style questions much easier.

It was quite a discovery, considering that my hobby is fashion blogging, I have a huge need to keep my waredrobe as organised as possible. And having an app that uses unique clothes recognition system to help me arrange my stuff is pretty helpful. 

Cluise also analyses users personal style and can create smart looks based on their preferences and real time weather! And that's much more than I expected from a fashion app to be honest!

The Cluise app’s features include:
  • Automatically sorting garments by type.
  • Analisys of personal fashion style and creating of smart looks day-to-day, based on personal preferences and the real-time weather.
  • Cluise helps you pick out the items you don’t wear and sell them to keep your closet clutter-free.
  • Cluise allows you to share your ready looks with fellow fashionistas and browse their photos for inspiration.

Cluise is available on the App Store and Google Play. Cluise plans on expanding further on smart shopping suggestions as well as in-app purchasing and selling your garments to other app users.

I hope you guys found this article useful! I recently made a profile on this app and started adding my garments and outfits. You can find me under ''Venoma'' as ususal. On the photos in this post you can see a piece of my profile and my bag collection. For more, hope to see you there!

Lots of love,

Stripes and Flare jeans + PHOTOSHOOT GIVEAWAY

Hi dolls! Remember what I said about studio shooting? Well, this is part 1 of my collaboration with Creative Vision studio. I hope you will enjoy the photos. And also you get a chance to win a photoshoot for yourself! See more at the end of the post!


Zdravo! Sećate li se kako sam pre nekoliko postova najavila da ću fotkati nekoliko outifta za vas u profesionalnom studiju? Ovaj post je prvi deo moje kolaboracije sa Creative Vision studiom! Nadam se da će vam se dopasti fotografije, a imamo za vas i jedno iznenađenje na kraju posta!

I am wearing:
Hat: Newchic
Necklace: Wholesalebuying
Shirt: Dressin
Jeans: Fashionmia
Sneakers: Oasap
Ph.: Creative Vision

I hope you like my outfit and photos lovelies! If you would like to do a photo-shoot just like me feel free to enter my photoshoot giveaway HERE (for Facebook entries). Giveaway will last for 7 days and the winner will be picked by random.org. Entering conditions: please be able to come to Beograd or Kragujevac for a shooting by the end of January! Good luck dolls!


Ukoliko želite da osvojite profesionalno fotografisanje, samo pratite instrukcije na Facebook stranici! Mogu učestvovati svi koji mogu doći u Beograd ili Kragujevac na fotografisanje do kraja Januara. Srećno!

Lots of love,