Shopping For Antique Jewellery


Antique jewellery is a treasured possession, and can be a great way to decorate your home. Whether you're looking for a ring, bracelet, or necklace, there's a variety of styles to choose from. Some of the most popular types include stud earrings, cuff bracelets, and long necklace sets.

Long necklace sets

The art of making antique jewellery has been practiced for centuries. These days, these pieces of jewelry are gaining popularity and are being sought after for their uniqueness and beauty. You can learn more here about how to accessorize with these pieces by clicking the link. With the rise of the internet, there are numerous ways to buy them. You can visit a store, buy online, or watch a live video call with a professional.

One of the most popular types of necklaces are the long necklace sets. These are designed with old accessories and new crystal beads. Depending on the length, they can be worn in various ways.

Antique gold necklaces are a timeless piece of jewellery that is available in different designs and colors. They usually feature a beautiful color scheme, such as red, gold, and green. Their long designs are usually between twenty to twenty-four inches in length.

Long necklace sets have been a rage among Indian women for centuries. In fact, they have become an indispensable part of many festive occasions. However, it is important to note that these pieces are not cheap. To get good quality ones, you need to keep a budget under a million rupees.

Another type of long necklace is the statement necklace. This is a bold design that features a large stone or a strand of gemstones. It is ideal for occasions where you want to make a bold statement.

Stud earrings

There are many different types of earrings available in the market today. Among the most common are stud earrings. They sit on the ear lobe and are secured with a post and butterfly back. These are typically made of silver oxidized plating. Alternatively, a more elaborate design may be found in the form of a half moon ruby drop earring. This is a good match for suits and business attire.

Drop earrings on the other hand are akin to two miniature pendants hanging from your ear. Unlike studs, they aren't confined to your lobe and can hang from the back of your neck. The most notable stipulation is that they aren't as stable. On the plus side, they have a large range of design options, making them a worthwhile upgrade to your earring collection. Depending on the style, you can also find earrings that are a bit more dainty, in addition to those that are more robust.

Another type of earring is the chandelier earring. These are long and elaborate, usually comprising several small gemstones suspended from a large diamond. The most striking aspect of this design is its sparkle. Aside from their elegance, they are a fun accessory to wear.

Cuff bracelets

If you have been searching for the perfect gift for a woman in your life, you may want to look at the many great antique cuff bracelets that are available for purchase. They are perfect for a variety of occasions and will complement any outfit.

These bracelets are made of durable and highly polished metals. They are very comfortable to wear. The material used to create these jewelry pieces is also highly resistant to tarnishing and allergies.

These bracelets are available in a wide range of styles, so you will be sure to find a design that suits your taste. You can choose from wide or thin bangles and open cuff bracelets.

Waist chains

If you're in the market for some jewellery, you might want to consider buying an antique belly chain. You can click the link: for more information about this type of accessory. This type of jewelry has been around for ages, and you might be surprised at the sheer number of choices you have.

Not only are you bound to find a plethora of options for women of all shapes and sizes, you will also find a wide variety of designs that go beyond the ordinary. The best part is that you can find all of these baubles at reasonable prices. You can even choose to have your new accessory sized to your specifications.

If you have a budget to burn, you might be looking to buy a belly chain of a different ilk. There are several alternatives to the traditional gold and silver, such as brass and nickel. These materials are not as hard wearing, and are cheaper to replace. They are also more forgiving of a little snafu.

You might not have considered a belly chain in the past, but this is the ideal time to make the switch. Wearing one is a great way to express yourself, and it can be a fun experience to boot. Just remember to pick a suitable outfit and you're off to a good start.

While you're at it, take the time to learn a thing or two about your favorite style of body jewelry. In addition to the standard neck and wrist pieces, you might be interested in a belly chain, waist band, or karma chain.

Investing in antique jewellery

Antique jewellery has long been regarded as a reliable investment. However, it is important to keep in mind that a piece of jewellery is an expensive item to purchase.

There are many benefits to investing in antique jewellery. For instance, it is a good way to show off your wealth to future generations. Your Antique Jewellery is the perfect accessory to wear with your favorite outfits. Whether you are a fashion enthusiast or simply a fan of classic pieces, this type of jewellery is sure to satisfy.

When investing in antique jewellery, it is important to have a clear understanding of its history and the materials used to create it. This will help you determine its value over time.

12 Stunning Prom Shoes That Will Dazzle on the Dance Floor

Prom night is the most anticipated night of the year for high schoolers, and everyone wants to look their best. Choosing the right dress and the right hairstyle is important, but that's only half of the battle. What really stands out on the dance floor are the shoes. You want your prom shoes to match your dress, be comfortable enough to dance in, and, most of all, show off your unique style.


If you’re in the market for a pair of prom shoes that will make you stand out on the dance floor, you’re in luck. There are lots of stunning shoes that will have you looking your best with the dresses from the prom dress market leader. From glittering pumps to classic sandals, here are 12 of the most stunning prom shoes that you can wear on your big night.


1. Glitter Platform Pumps: Who doesn’t love a little sparkle? These glitter platform pumps are the perfect way to add a little shine to your look. Whether you choose a muted bronze or a bright pink, these shoes will definitely make a statement on the dance floor.


2. Rhinestone Sandals: Looking for a timelessly glamorous prom shoe? These rhinestone sandals are the answer. The delicate straps and sparkly rhinestones will dazzle on the dance floor and make sure you stay comfortable while you’re there.


3. Embellished Peep Toe Heels: Evening shoes don’t get more stunning than these. The satin material and embellished peep toe make these shoes look luxurious and luxurious. No matter what you’re wearing, these will be the perfect finishing touch to your prom ensemble.


4. Sequined Pumps: If you want your shoes to really stand out, then these sequined pumps are the way to go. Whether you choose silver, gold, or multi-colored sequins, these shoes will be the talk of the night.


5. Beaded Sandals: These beaded sandals have a modern bohemian vibe that you can’t get anywhere else. The teal color is perfect for a beach-themed prom, and the beading adds the perfect amount of sparkle. Plus, the low heel will make sure you stay comfortable all night long.


6. Brocade Sandals: These brocade sandals combine classic and modern styling for a shoe that will look great on the dance floor. The intricate patterns and colors make these shoes a great choice for anyone who wants to make a style statement.


7. Strappy Block Heels Sandals: Strappy block heel sandals are the perfect way to add a little edge to your prom look. The black and gold color combination is sleek and sophisticated and will make sure you stand out in the crowd.


8. Embellished Flats: Not a fan of high heels? No problem. These embellished flats will keep you looking chic and stylish on the dance floor with your cute prom dresses. The silver and gold combination is perfect for any dress, and the rhinestones add the perfect touch of glamour.


9. Suede Platform Heels: Suede platform heels never go out of style. These shoes are classic and timeless, and the color will match any dress. Plus, the platform heel will keep you comfortable on the dance floor.


10. Metallic Ankle Strap Sandals: Add some shimmer and shine to your prom look with these metallic ankle strap sandals. The silver color will look great with any dress, and the ankle strap adds a modern touch that’s perfect for a night out.


11. Jeweled T-Strap Heels: Jeweled t-strap heels are the ideal way to add a little sparkle to your prom ensemble. The black and silver colors are stunning, and the rhinestones add just the right amount of bling.


12. Embroidered Pumps: Embroidered pumps are the perfect way to add some texture and interest to your look. Choose a bold color to make you stand out on the dance floor, and the intricate embroidery will turn some heads.


No matter your style, plenty of stunning prom shoes will have you looking your best with Sherri Hill dresses. From glitter pumps to classic sandals, the options are endless. So find the perfect pair for you, and you’ll be sure to dazzle on the dance floor.



Sugoi Mart Beauty Products Review


Hi babes! I hope you are doing well! I am happy to lead us into the new year with something interesting and different! Recently I received a wonderful package from Sugoi Mart.

Sugoi Mart by Japan Crate is a store that brings Japan to your doorstep in the most fun way. They have pretty much everything in their offer: from beauty and care products, over snacks, candy, drinks, toys, games all the way to home products and fun theme boxes full of amazing items that are dedicated to a certain character, series or more.

What I got in my lucky box is a mix of beauty and care products from Japan. Get ready, here we go!

First product that caught my eye straight away was Maybelline x Pokemon: Pikachu Liquid Eyeliner in black. It is my favorite type of eyeliner: it looks like a sharp pencil but it's actually a lot of microfibers that give a rich long lasting color and it stays on the eye all day. I love it! 

Sakura and Rose Aromatic Essence capsules are quite new to me. These unique supplements are made from our favorite things from japan: sakura and rose! Great addition to any skin routine if you ask me.

Sailor Moon Makeup Brush set is literally THE CUTEST set of brushes you will ever see. It is a perfect thing to have and also a perfect gift for any kawaii makeup enthusiast. I fell in love with them right away. They also do pretty good when it comes to actual makeup application, but I mostly keep them on my vanity because they look soooo amazing. They also come with their little suitcase/bag so you can take them anywhere with you!

Maybelline Sailor Moon Matte liquid lipstick in milky brown is next on my review list. It is a special edition of casual Maybelline liquid lipsticks and it behaves like they usually do: comfortable on the lips, dries out, stays matte and is long lasting.

Laundrin hand cream: Sakura. Another hello from Japan is here, this time in the form of a lovely hand cream. Cute and practical packaging, nice and moisturizing cream. It's a yes from me!

Last but not least: Clio Eyeshadow Brown Choux palette, my personal favorite. It's a really good choice of shades and different textures which makes this palette complete: you have the light and dark colours, mattes and shimmers, I really love it! They are easy to apply and build. Not the most long wearing eyeshadows, but if you apply with care, it will last you all day! Huge yes from me!

That is all for this review my darlings! Make sure to check out Sugoi Mart lucky bags with Japan merch, they are so amazing. You can get stuff such as Deluxe Pokemon lucky bag, Treasure chest, Starbucks lucky bag and so much more!

Lots of love,


The Best 8 Wholesale African Women's Clothing Vendors


African women's clothing is known for its vibrant colors, bold patterns, and intricate designs, which reflect the diverse cultural influences on the continent. Whether you're looking for traditional garments, modern styles, or a mix of both, there are many online retailers that offer wholesale options for African women's clothing. Here are the top 8 websites for wholesale African women's clothing vendors:


1. Wholesale21: Wholesale21 is a leading wholesale clothing vendor based in China that specializes in the research and development of African women's clothing. With its own supply chains and a vast inventory of products, the company is able to update thousands of items daily. All of the products are designed with the input of real African women to ensure a perfect fit and style.


In addition to a wide range of styles, including popular African print dresses and tops, Wholesale21 also offers African wigs and carries sizes up to 5XL to accommodate women of all shapes and sizes.


One of the standout features of Wholesale21 is its competitive pricing. Thanks to its self-produced and self-sold business model, the company is able to offer some of the lowest prices in the industry. They also accept retail orders in addition to wholesale and have no minimum order quantity. Overall, Wholesale21 is a reliable and affordable choice for African women's clothing.


2. Vlisco: Vlisco is a leading manufacturer of African-inspired fabrics and garments, based in the Netherlands. They offer a wide range of wholesale options for traditional and contemporary styles, including wax prints, jacquards, and more. Vlisco's fabrics are known for their high quality and intricate designs, and their garments are made with attention to detail and craftsmanship. In addition to clothing, they also offer a range of accessories, such as bags and scarves.


3. Ankara Styles: Ankara Styles is an online retailer specializing in African-inspired fashion. They offer a range of wholesale options for women's clothing, including traditional African garments and modern styles with African-inspired prints and patterns. Their offerings include dresses, skirts, skirts, and more, in a variety of sizes and styles to suit different tastes and body types.


4. Africa Imports: Africa Imports is a US-based retailer offering a wide range of African-inspired clothing, including wholesale options for women's garments. They offer traditional African clothing, as well as modern styles with African-inspired prints and patterns. Their offerings include dresses, skirts, skirts, and more, in a variety of sizes and styles to suit different tastes and body types.



5. Zabba Designs: Zabba Designs is a wholesale supplier of African-inspired clothing for women, based in California. They offer a range of traditional garments, as well as modern styles with bold patterns and colors. In addition to clothing, they also offer a range of accessories, such as bags and scarves.


6. Wazal: Wazal is an online retailer specializing in African-inspired fashion. They offer a range of wholesale options for women's clothing, including traditional African garments and modern styles with African-inspired prints and patterns. Their offerings include dresses, skirts, skirts, and more, in a variety of sizes and styles to suit different tastes and body types.


7. House of Izzi: House of Izzi is a wholesale supplier of African-inspired clothing for women, based in the UK. They offer a range of traditional garments, as well as modern styles with bold patterns and colors. In addition to clothing, they also offer a range of accessories, such as bags and scarves.

8. Global Mamas: Global Mamas is a nonprofit organization that works with women in Ghana to create handmade, African-inspired clothing and accessories. They offer a range of wholesale options for traditional and contemporary styles, including wax prints, jacquards, and more. Their products are all handmade with attention to detail and craftsmanship, and they support fair trade and sustainable fashion practices.


Overall, these seven websites are some of the best options for wholesale African women's clothing. They offer a wide range of styles and sizes, and they all prioritize quality materials and ethical practices. Whether you're looking for traditional garments or modern styles, there are many options to choose from. By supporting these retailers, you can help to promote positive change in the fashion industry and contribute to the empowerment of women in Africa.

Šta kupiti muškarcu za rođendan - vodič za žene


Ovo je post pisan od strane žene namenjen drugim izgubljenim ženama kada je u pitanju odabir poklona za vašu jaču polovinu. To može biti poklon za rođendan, godišnjicu, Novu godinu ili bilo koji drugi prigodan datum koji biste želeli obeležiti uz adekvatan poklon. Posebno izazovno postaje kada ste dugo godina u vezi ili braku i kada ste prosto već kupile svom odabraniku sve što se može kupiti.

Pokušaću da se fokusiram na sve nivoe budžeta, a što se tiče individualnih preferencija, nemojte zaboraviti da je svaki čovek drugačiji. Hiljadu ljudi - hiljadu ćudi, a još više ideja za poklon. Međutim, čim čitate ovaj post, to najverovatnije znači da vam je potrebna asistencija, tako da ću se truditi da pretresem sve moguće i nemoguće opcije za vas, zasnovane na nekoliko osnovnih stereotipa vezanih za muškarce. Unapred se izvinjavam ako se ovde nađe povređenim i uvređenim neka muška posebna pahuljica - samo pokušavam da pomognem svojim devojkama sapatnicama, okkk?

Dakle, kako odabrati idealan poklon vašem muškarcu za rođendan? Pripremite se, polećemo!

Pre svega nekoliko ideja ako prosto, iz nekog razloga, NE ŽELITE da pitate svog muškarca šta je to što bi on zapravo želeo ili šta mu zapravo treba.



Kožni novčanik ili kožni kaiš su uvek dobra ideja. U zavisnosti od preferencija, najbolje je kupiti crni, teget ili braon (fokusirajte se na boje koje najčešće nosi ili makar boju torbe ili zimskih cipela na primer). Bitno je budu od prave kože (sem ako je gospodin ne daj Bože vegan ili slični poklonik modernih shvatanja, u tom slučaju preskočite) jer se kožni sporije habaju, duže izgledaju novo i sveukupno traju duže. Imate i opciju držača za vizitke i privezaka na primer. 

Dobar kožni kaiš ili novčanik nije toliko teško naći (što se tiče radnji, ja ću se fokusirati na Beograd jer tu živim). Gledajte da idete ciljano u radnje sa kožnom galanterijom jer neke od njih daju i garanciju na svoje proizvode. Od izvikanih (i skupljih) imena imate Manual i Monu (mada lično nisam zadovoljna kvalitetom Monine kože, a posebno kaiševa). Ne preporučujem da lovite kožni kaiš ili novčanik po popularnim tržnim centrima u nespecijalizovanim radnjama, i da nađete nešto, to uglavnom nije taj kvalitet.

Od budžet varijanti, izuzetnog kvaliteta, mogu da vam preporučim Iguanu. Iguana je mala radnjica na donjim nivoima tržnog centra Milenijum u Knez Mihailovoj ulici u Beogradu, a ima ih i u Novom Sadu. Imaju i online shop, za sada i besplatnu dostavu. Njihova garancija na kaiševe je doživotna (da, zaista). Imate i jednu simpatičnu radnjicu na Zelenom vencu, u Sremskoj ulici na dnu, blizu stepeništa, na samom ćošku, ne sećam se kako se zove, ali ima izuzetno lepu i povoljnu kožnu galanteriju. 


Ako je fan parfema ili ima specifičan ukus kad su parfemi u pitanju, možda ne bi bilo loše da odete u probni šoping da isproba par komada i vidite koji mu se dopada. Ubacite ga u Sephoru i ne dajte mu da izađe. Spontano počnite od njuškanja ženskih parfema pa pređite na muške pre nego što se potpuno smori i dok još postoji neki nivo saradnje i zainteresovanosti u njemu. Nemojte se zaustavljati kod štandova sa šminkom tom prilikom, olakšajte čoveku :D

Ako je običan tip koji ima jedan ili dva-tri parfema, momenat kada mu je parfem koji koristi pri kraju je idealan momenat da mu vi pribavite baš takav isti. Nije Bog zna kakav efekat iznenađenja, ali je koristan poklon sa kojim ne može da se promaši.

Ako je on baš VELIKI fan RAZNIH parfema, a vi niste fan trošenja baš toliko para, na Bulevaru Kralja Aleksandra nalaze se radnje u kojima mogu da vam dekantuju popularne parfeme (ili nešto što je identično njima?) u manje bočice i za manje novca, to su takozvani economic parfemi. Dobijete parfem za frakciju cene jer ne plaćate luksuznu ambalažu. Nikad nisam kupovala tamo pa ne znam da prenesem iskustvo, ali znam da ih je bilo nekoliko na Bulevaru i u centru.

Ako tražite neki neobičan parfem, postoji tip na kupujemprodajem od koga sam jednom prilikom kupovala dekantovane neke potpuno otkačene egzotične parfeme koji se ovde nemaju kupiti. Bilo je dosta skupo doduše, ali je prijatelj koji je izrazio tu muzičku želju i uputio me na tog tipa bio prezadovoljan poklonom. Nažalost, to je bilo pre izvesnog vremena, tako da njegov kontakt više nemam, ali će verovatno biti dovoljno da ukucate naziv nekog egzotičnog parfema + dekant u pretragu da ga nađete.


Ovo je tako ,,trista godina smo u braku, ostala sam bez ideja'' poklon, ali je takođe i najveća šansa da nećete promašiti i da ćete mu kupiti nešto što mu treba i što će koristiti. Normalno, preporučujem isključivo pamučni donji veš, u veličini koju valjda provereno znate i modelu koji inače nosi. Ukoliko kupujete donji veš za muškarca u setu od više komada, OBAVEZNO pogledajte koji je model nacrtan na pakovanju, da se ne desi da uzmete pogrešni.

Sasvim solidan i ne preskup pamučni donji veš za muškarca možete naći u Jasmil i Extreme Intimo radnjama (koje su zapravo u istom vlasništvu, iako drže relativno različit asortiman). Za dodatnu uštedu kupujte setove ili targetirajte sniženje. 

Ako inače nosi jednobojan veš - kupite jednobojni. Ako nosi šareni - kupite šareni. Ako kupujete za nekog sa kim ne delite krevet, pitajte njegovu ženu šta da mu kupite od veša (pazite da nije neka uvredljiva žena, ima raznih bgm). Ako nema ženu - crne bokserice i bele potkošulje su najbolji izbor. Simple enough.


U zavisnosti od toga da li se vaš izabranik loži ili ne loži na brendove, ovde imate različitih opcija. Pamuk, vuna i kašmir su vaši prijatelji, sintetika je mahom neprijatelj, osim ako nije u jako malom procentu.

Dobar džemper možete nabaviti i u Waikikiju ako dovoljno prokopate i platite malo više, ali neće toliko dugo trajati kao neki drugi. Zara ima malo šmekerskije modele svake sezone, ali njihov afinitet ili pritisak koji ih tera ka reciklaži svega i svačega doveo je do toga da za prirodan materijal tamo morate platiti papreno, ako ga uopšte i nađete. St. Oliver i Legend su generalno OK radnje sa osrednjim cenama u kojima možete naći kvalitetan muški džemper od prirodnog materijala.

Ako je gospodin poklonik i kvalitetnog materijala i dobrog džempera, ali i brenda, US Pollo Assn. radnja nalazi se u Ušću, Galeriji i Promenadi. Jača cena, ali statement komad koji će vaš muškarac ceniti ako je ljubitelj dobre garderobe.

Super fensi high end brendove takođe možete nabaviti uz malo dobre pripreme, možda čak isti ovaj Pollo malo povoljnije na stranicama na Instagramu koje vrše uslužnu kupovinu u autletima po Evropi. Imala sam iskustva sa dve takve (zove se cest_la_vie_srbija i _in__fashion_) i sa obe sam prošla zaista sjajno. Pollo džemperi su kod njih na primer oko 80-120e, a nabavljaju i jače brendove.


Ne znam osobu koja je dobila vaučer za masažu i nije ga iskoristila. Od 2500 rsd za neku bazičnu masažu pa do preko 6000 rsd ako želite da vam muža laktovima nabada u leđa mala neobično snažna tajlanđanka od 45kg, izbor je samo vaš i sve će na kraju biti podjednako dobro za njega.

Svaki malo veći studio za masažu nudi vaučere, možda najbolje da se raspitate negde u svom kraju ili kod svojih prijatelja za preporuku. Lično kad me utamani stres idem kod Miloša u studio na Novom Beogradu (koncept_47 na instagramu) koji me vraća u život. 

Takođe SPA DAN nije loša opcija, ako imate da izdvojite vreme i novac. Većina spa centara ima posebne pogodnosti za parove ili bar posebne pogodnosti za masažu za parove, pa se možete zajedno i masirati. Imala sam, na primer, lepo iskustvo sa masažom u Svetu Sauna na Banjici, kao i u banji Kovilji. 

Ukoliko ste tanki sa budžetom, kuponi su vaši najbolji prijatelji. Imate i SPA dan za dvoje i masaže na Kupomanu i sličnim sajtovima. Samo sa njima morate krenuti u akciju ranije, jer se većina mora zakazati debelo unapred.


Kliše much? Ultimativni poklon za muškarca je ručni sat sa velikim AKO: ako čovek uopšte voli satove ili želi da nosi ručni sat. Tu imate glavnu dilemu između kožne narukvice i metalne, pa tek onda sledi pakao među milion ponuđenih brendova. Specijalizovane radnje u Beogradu postoje, npr. Watch u većini većih shopping centara, ali imate i druge. Moj personalni favorit klasičnog izgleda od brendova je Daniel Wellington, što ne znači da će se on dopasti svima. Možda da povedete čoveka u radnju sa izgovorom da gledate nešto za sebe, šta znam, pa da vidite šta mu se sviđa. Generalno skuplja varijanta poklona, bilo bi dobro da imate neku afirmaciju od njega pre nego što ljuljnete taj iznos.

P.S. imate i smart watch opcije, više informacija kod vašeg operatera, ako vam je tip u tech fazonu i voli gedžete.



Ima neka tajna veza između muškaraca i alata, pa to je... Alat je u 20% koristan, a u 80% igračka za odrasle dečake i to je ok. Šminka za žene je dobra paralela za to, ne treba nam 5 paleta senki pa ih opet imamo... Elem. Odvedite čoveka u Uradi sam ili Wobby house ako baš nemate predstavu šta bi želeo od alata. Ako nema nikakav alat, a ne želite da ga vodite da bira, ima sjajnih all inclusive setova alata ,,za početnike'', pitajte čike prodavce tamo, znaće da vas upute.

Posebno vole alat na baterije ili sa punjivim baterijama koji nema kabl, pa mogu da ga nose kod komšija i drugara da arče ili postavljaju nešto zajedno. 

Jeftinija verzija, a i dalje kvalitetna, za većinu alata nalazi se u Lidlu. Oni svake nedelje menjaju katalog i imaju različite stvari, tako da ako vam treba nešto određeno, morate pratiti neko vreme dok ne naiđe. Jeftinije je nego druge radnje, a kvalitet nije loš. 

Ako je vaš čovek zaluđenik za alat, onda ga najbolje pitajte šta namerava da kupi u narednom periodu i koji brend bi izabrao, verovatno neće biti zadovoljan bilo kojom bušilicom/glogalicom/šmirglom ili čime već.


99% muškaraca igra neke igrice, pa makar to bile igrice na telefonu. Većina doduše koristi konzole, računare, igra sa drugarima preko neta, igra društvene igre, DND i ko zna šta još. Za ovakav poklon treba malo da iskopate informacije od njega ili od drugara sa kojima igra, jer izbor je veliki. Po mom mišljenju, nije u kategoriji wow poklona, ali može da prođe.

Najlakše je ako igra društvene igre, odete u Games4you i izaberete neku kutiju koju niste do tad videli u kući. Kompjuteraše vodite sa sobom u shopping da se ne desi da kupite nešto što već ima.


Odnosi se isključivo na likove zaluđene teretanom ili drugim sportovima. Nije teško izabrati poklon ako znate malo više o sportu kojim se bavi, jer čike u radnjama specijalizovanim za sportsku opremu određenog tipa nekako jedva čekaju da vam ispričaju više baš o ovoj majici koja magično upija znoj ili onoj trenerci koja dozvoljava koži da diše. Tu ima hiljadu praznih priča, što praznija priča - to veća cena, ali sportaši se mahom na to lože i generalno što je skuplje, to su više oduševljeni. 

Uvek postoji i navijački kliše, odradite navijaču specijalizovan dres tima za kojeg navija sa njegovim prezimenom i tako to. Radnjice koje rade štampu na majicama uglavnom mogu da vam naprave tako nešto.


Ako želite da kupite svom čoveku fantastičnu stvar ali ujedno kompletnu glupost, sajtovi poput su mesto za vas. Milijardu ideja za poklon za vašeg muškarca, za svaku priliku, svi su super štos, dosta njih je beskorisno, ali ima i ponešto što se da upotrebiti. Čaše, krigle, privesci, igrice, bade mantili, lampe, kišobrani, peškiri, razne zezancije, sve ono što možete inače naći na Aliexpressu ako znate gde da tražite, ali nemate vremena da čekate dva meseca da vam stigne. 

Ako vam se ne naručuje online, na samom vrhu Skadarske u Beogradu imate malu radnju prepunu ovakvih šematskih i tematskih poklona. Imate fin izbor ovakvih stvari i u Vulkanu i Laguni.


Da li da napišem da se podrazumeva da vaš čovek gaji entuzijazam ka svojoj bradi kako biste nabavile ovako nešto? xD Elem, ovakve stvari zapravo možete pronaći svuda, na primer u Alexandar cosmetics-u ima sijaset proizvoda na ovu temu. Mali set za negu brade možete pronaći i u Vulkanu. Postoje i domaći brendovi koji prave ovakve setove, npr. Mojobeard, imaju baš veliki izbor. Bradonje inače vole kad njihovu bradu volite i vi, tako da sva je šansa da sa ovim nećete promašiti.


Sve što vam, momenta kada to vidite, izazove reakciju JAO, KAKO PRESLATKO I ROMANTIČNO, verovatno nije idealan poklon za vašeg muškarca, već za vas. Naredni primeri se uglavnom odnose na sveže i mlade parove. Dakle:

Puzle sa vašom slikom? Mahom nekvalitetni užas (verujte mi, dobila sam jedne na poklon) koji će on možda sklopiti na silu vama za ljubav, a posle toga neće smeti da baci da bi izbegao dramu. Odnosi se i na druge proizvode, kocke i foto-book-ove napravljene od vaših zajedničkih slika koji će u nekom ćošku skupljati prašinu.

Vaša prva slika uramljena u ram sa srculencima da stavi u sobu? Nemojte molim vas, još će i da protumači da obeležavate teritoriju. Sam će da vas stavi u ram ako bude hteo.

100 papirića sa razlozima zašto ga volite? Voli i on vas (verovatno?) ali takođe verovatno nema strpljenja da otvori više od 10 papirića. Mislim, super je njemu to što ga volite, ali zar mora sad i papiriće da otvara?? Ne mučite jadnog čoveka, napišite mu čestitku i to je to.

Plišani medvedići i srculenca na kojima piše VOLIM TE ili TI SI MOJE ZLATO? Potpuno ok ako imate manje od 18 godina. Zaista jeste. Kao i ogromni plišani medvedi. Ali posle tih godina je zaista užasna ideja.

Morate priznati (sebi pre svega, ako je potrebno) da su ovakvi pokloni cenjeniji od strane žena nego od strane muškaraca i generalno mnogo više ok kad ste zaljubljeni klinci nego kasnije u životu.

P.S. ako je vaš muškarac baš posebna pahuljica i nepopravljiv romantik do nivoa zabrinjavajućeg, nešto od ovoga iznad zapravo možda ubode u centar i bude veoma uspešno. Za takve čak i imate i da platite ljude na instagramu koji mogu da vam napišu PESMU za njega ili o njemu. Potražite, mislim da se zove nešto tipa ,,pesma na poklon''. Genijalna stvar.

P.S.S. meni je muž kao jedan od prvih poklona za ne znam ni ja koji povod kupio set šolja na kojima piše HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS i HER ROYAL HIGHNESS. I meni je to bilo previše cheesy, ali ipak slatko. To je tačno taj nivo između cringe i adorable koji treba da gađate sa romantičnim poklonima ove vrste. Ako tu ima malo humora i ako je poklon iskoristiv, može da prođe. Ako je samo AWWWW PRESLATKO, a ne služi ničemu, bacate pare i stavljate čoveka u neprijatnu situaciju. Majke mi.

P.S.S.S. generalno knjige mogu da budu promašaj ako vam čovek konkretno ne kaže šta nije čitao, a morate obavezno znati i omiljeni žanr. Slično se događa sa garderobom u bojama koje inače ne nosi, samo će da stoji. Posebno ne preporučujem da kupujete nešto što vi želite da on obuče, a čovek ne voli takve krojeve i boje. Samo ćete biti dodatno frustrirane kasnije jer on neće to nositi. 

Takođe, uređivanje doma ostavite sebi kako Bog zapoveda, uglavnom njih boli uvo za kućnu dekoraciju, i dušek na podu bi većini bio dovoljno funkcionalan.


Nijedna od ovih ideja za poklon nije adekvatna za vašeg dragog? Nemate vremena da nabavljate nešto specijalno? Kasno ste se setili da vam je mužu sutra rođendan? NIŠTA ŠTO JEDAN LEP SET NOVOG (ili davno zaboravljenog starog) VAŠEG DONJEG VEŠA NE MOŽE DA POPRAVI.

Ovo je, dakle, kratak brzi throwback u kome se obaziremo na čuveni stereotip o tome šta je muškarcima najvažnije u vezi i šta oni najviše vole i koliko su samo površni OMG. Jer mi žene kao nismo površne i ne volimo to isto, zar ne? Yeah, right...

U svakom slučaju: korset, samodržeće čarape, halteri, čipka, sve OVER THE TOP, najbolje crno ili crveno, uopšte ne mora da bude skupo, možete da se opremite i kod kineza, velikoj većini njih stvarno nije bitno gde ste kupile taj seksi outfit. Outfit reveal se naravno događa kada se gospodin vrati kući sa posla ili kada izađe iz kupatila ili kada se vrati radnje u koju ste ga poslali da nešto hitno kupi... Garant će zaboraviti da mu niste spremile ,,pravi'' poklon na vreme. I neće vam zameriti :D


Da, postoji ultimativan odgovor. I posve je jednostavan. Zahteva samo da pitate svog muškarca šta je to što on želi ili što mu treba u tom momentu. Kupite to i ne boli vas više glava.

I nema veze ako je to nešto što vi lično smatrate glupim ili nepotrebnim. Ljudi su različiti. Usrećite čoveka, olakšajte sebi.

Eto, toliko do mene ovom prilikom drage moje. Nadam se da sam bar malo pomogla. Srećno!

Voli vas vaša Venoma