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 Hello my lovelies and welcome to my new fashion post. I hope you are all doing well. Are you also doing your Christmas shopping from the comfort of your home? I really enjoy online shopping lately. I discovered some new online places where you can get the trendiest items with more than affordable prices. One of those stores I will be sharing with you today!

The online store we will be checking out today is called Feelingirldress and it's one of those cool online places where you can find pretty much anything you like when it comes to trendy clothes. They have different categories such as wholesale lingerie, tops, dresses, bottoms, activewear, swimwear and so much more.

For all of their latest and trendiest items, you should visit their new in section. They have a large selection of sexy dresses cheap with popular designs and prints. I'm pretty sure there is a dress for everyone on this site. If you are looking for a bargain, make sure to check our their sale section. You can also get 5$ off by signing up for their newsletter. Currently there is also a Christmas sale going on where you can find plenty of options with discount. 

I have, as always, picked out some of my favorite items from this store for you guys to check out. By clicking on the photos in this post, you go straight to the items. I really enjoy wearing dresses all year long and I'm always looking for fitting shapewear to wear under them. You can view Feelingirldress on sales anytime. 

Let me know what are the items you are shopping for the most lately my lovelies. I'd love to hear all about your shopping adventures this season. Feel free to share your favorites and your thoughts in the comments!

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Deciding What to Wear - Fashion Advice for the Mature Lady


Dressing your age is extremely important, and this is not something about changing your personal style. It’s all about reflecting your style in a fashion that is appropriate for your age. Know more about dressing well on this page here. Just because you are turning 40 means that you should get rid of all your skinny jeans and put them into a garage sale.

If you are only 27, no rule says that you should never go out with that sophisticated maxi shirt that you just bought for Christmas. To dress up your age means that you wear an outfit that wouldn’t cause you to look older by a decade. Many fashion trends can come and go, and you are meant to make certain changes, but this doesn’t mean that you will completely change everything about yourself.

Dressing for your 30s

-Look for dresses that are edgy but make sure that they fit your personal style. You may not want to be an urban hipster and transform into a princess outfit the next day. Becoming a chameleon is acceptable for the young. But when you are in your 30s, you may want to develop a concrete style that is fit for you and in which your friends can immediately recognize you. Know your likes and dislikes and always consult the mirror and see if an outfit looks good.

-If you want to move out of the girly stuff and become a more mature woman, you can always visit boutiques for choices. There are shops like the Snazzy Boutique that can provide you with several excellent options for your looks. Add some levels of sleek blouses and jackets to maintain a more polished look. You may want to balance the pink and white polka dots with a single color of cardigan and other accessories.

Dressing at 40

-You need to get serious when you are in your 40s. This is the right time to start mulling about clothes that don’t belong to your wardrobe and do a more refined and classic look. You need items that have higher air of sophistication, and everything should look chic.

-When you are 40, it may not mean that it’s time to go when it comes to the basic tees and jeans in your closet, though. If you could fit snugly and look classy, they are still valuable for you. If you add some chic turtlenecks and a no-nonsense blazer, then everything may fall perfectly into place. You may want to save your basic t-shirts as well and pair them with cream-colored shorts.

-It’s still possible to wear form-fitting outfits, but it’s better to skip them if they become too revealing. What many people love nowadays are those dresses and skirts that flow up to their knees. The clothing should still lend a kind of sex appeal and a subtle sexiness that many will find refreshing.

-However, instead of super short skirts that barely cover your knees, you may want to be more subtle about your dresses. You want to have curve huggers that have interesting designs, colors, details, and patterns. Instead of those low-cuts and crop tops that show your cleavage, what you need is an elegant lacy blouse that has a subtle sheerness on your mid-riffs.

Dressing in your 50s

-At age 50, everything does not have to be sugar coated anymore. You are officially old, and you need to choose clothes that will incredibly make you more beautiful. Many women in their 50s are still incredibly beautiful, but it involves skill and art to maintain the compelling look and youth that they had from their youth.

-The fact is that there’s more to maintaining one’s physical beauty at age 50. There is the confidence, wisdom, and maturity that are carefully cultivated and incorporated into one’s fashion style. What you need is to aim for a more elegant and smarter look. You should wear something that genuinely represents you, and the fashion trends may not matter anymore. Read more about cocktail dresses for women in their 50s here:

-What can best fit you are the softer or darker colors that are relaxing to the eye. Avoid the pastels and the brighter ones like shocking yellow or pink. Instead, choose stylish and sophisticated color schemes with lacy trims. It’s possible to dress in an age-appropriate manner when you are in your 50s and still look like a chick.

Japan Candy Box Unboxing + GIVEAWAY


Hello my darlings and welcome to my new unboxing post! I am so happy I prepared one of my favorite collaboration posts for you today - Japan Candy Box Unboxing + International Giveaway for all of you worldwide! Isn't that awesome? As you can see, today we will be going through an amazing Halloween Japan Candy Box edition.

As you might or might not now, Japan Candy Box is one of my favorite subscription boxes. It's so different from anything else! It goes for as low as 19.90$ a month and it brings you 10 exclusive Japanese snacks every month straight to your doorstep with free shipping worldwide! It gets very affordable if you take on a 12 months plan.

Every month inside Japan Candy Box you can find both sweet and salty candies, as well as seasonal and handpicked exclusive Japanese candies. So let's see what I found in latest Japan Candy Box Halloween edition!

First things first. My personal favorite! Koala's March Halloween Party Box! Full of choco filled cookie treats, this box got empty very very fast! This is most definitely one of my favorite sweet candies from Japan. 

Moving on with sweets! What I love about Japan candy box is that you get a perfect opportunity to share with friends. These small treats such as Scary monster stamp candies, Spooky Halloween black thunder choco bar and Sour apple paper candy strip were given as a gift to my beloved people. And let me tell you - they loved it!

Moving on to Mystery Halloween tsubu gumi jelly beans are pretty awesome. You can only guess which flavor is which! Halloween pokemon choco corn puff snacks are so my thing. I love everything and anything pokemon related really!

Witch's brew mix and match gumballs were also a fun experience, you will like it if you enjoy gumballs in regular life. Halloween night baby ramen snack makes great finger food and doesn't need any hot water to be added. Isn't that cool?

Halloween toppo choco pretzel sticks... You must know I'm a huge fan of all chocolate sticks from Japan! This was no exception. Actually, I think this was the first candy I ate! And I left nothing for my husband! xD

Bokun habanero spicy potato rings is something I tried before and I enjoyed it this time around as well. It is interesting and small snack that takes very long to eat, so you actually end up feeling full without eating something overly calorical!

I hope you enjoyed my unboxing my lovelies! If you are also a fan of Japanese candy or you are in the mood to try out something new, make sure to check out Japan Candy Box and see all the great boxes and programs they offer. In the meantime, we have prepared a giveaway for you where one lucky winner will receive a Japan Candy Box for free! Feel free to enter below!


Feel free to enter in any of these multiple ways and win your own Japan Candy Box! I wish you plenty of luck!

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10 Ways To Shine In Your Yoga Pants


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We all love our yoga leggings, yet you may not realise that leggings can be worn with a range of garments to create a new look. The Internet is full of fashion images to inspire and if you love yoga, here are a few ways that you can incorporate yoga pants into your wardrobe.


1.      Bleached Denim Jacket & White Sneakers - Great with an up hairdo and either your black or white yoga pants and top it off with some loud Art Deco jewellery.


2.      Cashmere Sweater - An oversized Cashmere sweater is perfect for those autumn days and paired with your yoga leggings, you have a neat, casual look. If you have the pins, why not show them?


3.      Blazer & High Heels - A chic black and white blazer, black yoga leggings and white high heel shoes give you the sophisticated look. Perfect for afternoon tea or lunch with your best friend and with womens yoga pants online from Ladybase Love, a leading Canadian yoga wear supplier, you can order a range of attractive colours.


4.      Striped T-Shirt Tucked Into Leggings - Perfect for indoor wear, you could sport a thick parka while out and about, with some ankle Adidas or Nike shoes. Vertical stripes in black and white are all the rage and with those high-waisted yoga leggings you bought online, you can show your shape.


5.      Track Suit Top & Yoga Pants - You can go for soft pastel shades that are easy on the eye with neon hairbands and a wrist sweatband for that athletic look. High basketball boots make this a casual outfit that can be worn around town and a beanie is ideal for the autumn winds.


6.      Sports Bra & Black Yoga Leggings - Dress just as you would for a yoga session, with some slip-on sandals and no make-up. Carry your gym bag and you could be on your way to the yoga studio, and let’s not forget the Aviator shades.


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7.      Long Parka & Leggings - When it is very cold outside, your favourite long parka will keep you warm and all you need is a cotton top over your sports bra and you’re good to go. If you still have your Uggs, these work well with the parka.


8.      Leather Bomber Jacket & Black Yoga Pants - Wayfarers or Aviators are a must with this female version on the Tom Cruise look, along with black trainers. This is a good time to get those clip-in hair extensions out, with a few highlights for good measure.


9.      The Winter Trench Coat & Yoga Leggings - The coat will keep you warm and with a couple of T-Shirts for good measure, that cold morning walk in the park will be comfortable. Sports shoes are optional and advised if the weather is icy.


10.  Short Leather Jacket, long Shirt & Leggings - The fifties look and with a bow in your hair, you’ll look like Olivia Newton-John. This cool, layered look demands an up hairstyle or even a beanie.


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As you can see, yoga pants can be an integral part of your wardrobe and with the best quality yoga leggings available from the online supplier, you can order a few pairs of various colours.

Charmwish trendy clothes for women

 Hello my lovelies and welcome to my new fashion post! I know it's been a while since we discovered a new online place to shop together! That is why today I will be making it up for you by sharing a brand new online store with you that I strongly believe you guys will love. I certainly enjoyed browsing and shopping in this store this season!

The online store we will be checking out together today is called Charmwish and it offers so many trendy items when it comes to fashion and current trends! There you can find everything from coats and jackets, casual dresses, skirts, but also a variety of accessories such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, hair accessories and so much more.

Make sure to check out their sale and clearance section in case you are looking for a bargain or to save a buck. I am sure you will find yourself some amazing deals in there. If you want to follow the latest fashion trends when it comes to trendy clothes for women, you can browse their new in section where they publish their latest items every day.

I just love knitwear this season, I'm obsessed with it. I picked out some of my top favorite items from this store to share with you on the photos in this post, but this is only a small part from all the items that I really loved on this site. They offer so many amazing coats womens that it is really hard for me to choose only a few.

What are your favorites for this season my lovelies? Do you do your shopping online or are you still going to the stores? What are your favorite items to shop for? Feel free to share your thoughts in this topic!

Lots of love,