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January 04, 2016 Venoma 12 Comments

,,You know what they say about fashion: one day you're in and the next day you are out.''

So before this 2015 becomes ''out'', let's take a look at some of my outfits from the past year. There has been some great ones and some less than great, but they all took a lot of work to get here :) Some months had more outfits than the others, but overall there were plenty of them in 2015. I linked individual posts below every month. I hope you enjoy my recap!


''Znate kako je sa modom: danas si in, sutra si out!''

Stoga pre nego što 2015-ta postane out, pogledajmo šta sam sve nosila tokom protekle godine. Bilo je nekih sjajnih odevnih kombinacija koje su obeležile godinu koja će uskoro biti za nama. Svaku od njih sam sklapala sa puno pažnje samo za vas dragi moji, tako da se nadam da ćete uživati i u rekapitulaciji mojih outfita. Ispod svake slike nalaze se linkovi ka celovitim postovima ukoliko neki želite da posebno pogledate ili saznate gde je određena stvar kupljena. Uživajte!

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See more of these December outfits:  1.   2.   3.   

I must admit I notice a change in my personal style over the year. My favorites are from May on. What are your favorites my darlings? Please share your thoughts in comments!


Moram priznati da sam primetila promenu u svom personalnom stilu tokom ove godine. Moji omiljeni outfiti počinju od maja. Koji su vaši favoriti? Podelite vaša zapažanja u komentarima!


  1. how many fab outfits dear..i like them so much

  2. Super je post, kombinacija pantalone i majica sa prugicama :**

  3. Lots of gorgeous outfits! And lots of sexy heels! :)

    Love your style! :)

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  5. Wow~ Your are so stunning. I'm really like your looks ^^

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  6. In love with all your outfit! Love your style and love your blog! Kiss